Well Done AMC Website

If you haven’t been to Mikaela’s website, then you’re missing out!   It’s really well done and now we’re even linked to it!

Check it out by clicking here!

Laelia is in the middle of the page, but there are also links to some adults with arthrogryposis, a lot of whom have been good email/Facebook friends for us!


2 Responses to “Well Done AMC Website”

  1. Linda Wesley says:

    Luca is a great break-dancer! That’s really cool. And I have been suspecting that there was someone with AMC in that Disneyland Aladdin production for a while now. I just always forget to research it. Sweet!

  2. Joann S says:

    Thank you very much for making me aware of the website. So many beautiful children and great stories. Luca’s dance was amazing. I wanted to save the website so i could just “click” on it but couldn’t. maybe I have the wrong name: mikaelajane.com/find_hope_in_our friends.html. Could you let me know the “right” website address?
    joannsmith@comcast.net. thank you!

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