Philly tomorrow

I’m so nervous I could wet my pants!   You know, if I were the kind of person who wets their pants… ahem.

Tomorrow we’ll be in Philly and the next morning we’ll have our appointment with Dr. van Bosse at Shriners!

Dr. van Bosse = 9:00 AM –  6/18

Dr. Kozin = 10:00 AM – 6/18

Then we fly home!

We’re packing now. Almost done.  We decided to leave for the airport tomorrow morning at 5:00 AM. That should give us enough time to check in and request assistance. Then the very next day we fly home, arriving at our apartment at almost midnight!   It will be a grueling two days.

On top of that I’ll have no Internet access. *sniff* :(

I’ve been praying that God will take care of us on this trip. Not a lot of people know this but Laelia was throwing up last Saturday morning. We think it was air sickness from flying  the night before  since she obviously  didn’t have a bug. Plus I get air sick so it’s possible she takes after me. This trip with four different planes in the space of two days could get… interesting.

I went ahead and reserved a rental car. I’m nervous about driving somewhere new. I’m also nervous about  traveling with Miss I-Don’t-Like-Flying. The same  Little Miss  who doesn’t like to sleep in new places too. Oh and that reminds me, I don’t know where we’re staying once we get there! I mean it’s one of a few select places on a short list. I just printed out a ton of directions to and from each place. But the problem is that  we’re on the list to stay at the Ronald McDonald house (the most convenient and cheapest place), which we qualify for, where we want to stay,  but they don’t take reservations! So I have to call them on  the day of our visit and find out if they’ll take us or not. But the only time I’ll be able to call will be on our 30 minute lay-over in Houston! This will be crazy! Then if they are full I’ll have to  start calling different places in that same 30 minute lay-over where I’ll also be running to our connecting flight with my daughter, our bag and her car seat. Yay…. :-/

Oh and I pray TSA doesn’t give us anymore trouble. Yes, her shoes are special. No, she can’t lift her hands for swiping. Yes, all my stupid liquid bottles need to go with me so I can shower in the morning! Why does she have to leave her wheelchair since you’ll have to pull her aside anyway?! Do you force older kids to be carried through the security gate by their Mom? Adults? Accchhhhhhhhh!


I’m also not sure if I’m ready to hear the straight truth from the arthrogryposis  expert on my daughter’s care. I mean, we are going to find out how our lives will go for the next fifteen years or so. Surgeries?  New therapies? New gadgets? No hope? We’ll find out. But from all the testimonials, I feel like I can trust this doctor not to give up on us or blow us off. It will be a nice change from the usual. :)

So I’m stressed and  sleep-deprived  and nervous and excited!!!    

And I’m sure it’s not at all obvious. *boing boing boing* :)

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  1. Linda Wesley says:

    I’ll be praying and inviting my friends to join me. I adore you guys and I’m excited for this opportunity! Love love love.

  2. Markie says:

    Best Wishes for your trip. :o) Just take it one day at a time, that helps.

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