Laelia has been scared of the water for as long as I can remember. Her first real bath (without the infant tub that has her sitting up) was fairly recently in Seattle.   Since then, with the encouragement of the PT in Seattle, we started to “swim” in the big bathtub. Then last night at Lauren and Ryan’s apartment complex for Jared’s birthday, Laelia swam in the pool and loved it! It was her first time to swim in a pool! Any activity that encourages her to move her arms and legs is wonderful, but one she loves to do is even better! We didn’t bring swim suits so Chelsea went in with her. But after a while Laelia started to ask for her daddy to join in the fun. So he did! In jeans and a belt! :) Haha!







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  1. Laura says:

    That is so awesome! Swimming is one of my favorite things to do and it is so freeing. I always loved it (as far as I know anyways) and I learned to swim without any floaties when I was 12 at a summer camp. I hope she keeps loving it! And if she says she wants to try something, like float on her own, I’d say let her!! My parents always had me in floaties or a life-jacket and they made it hard for me to move around but my parents were very cautious about it and didn’t let me try to swim on my own when I wanted to try. Being cautious is good, but so is trying new things :) That’s so awesome!!!

  2. Linda Wesley says:

    YAY! and a half!! That is so precious. Thank you for all the pictures!

  3. Joann S says:

    how awesome! where was the movie camera? you guys are so willing to go all the way Laelia and it shows! she is so precious such a winner!

  4. melissa rowe says:


  5. Megan Lee says:

    swimming is so great.. it was a joy to see her having a great time in the water. any future plans for more swimming?

  6. Chelsea Powell says:

    Hip hip hooray for swimming! She’s a little fish. It makes me so happy!

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