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We learned today that our dear pediatrician, Dr. Allen Schwartz, passed away. I’d say “rest in peace” but he was Jewish and has told me stories of the partying and feasting that goes on with any special occasion. So I have to bet this will be no exception.

He was a wonderful doctor who we met before Laelia was born in a birthing/new parenting class. He was hilarious, and left us wanting him for our doctor. After Laelia was born I remember trying to explain to him that she had arthrogryposis. But unlike a typical doctor, he already knew what that was and could pronounce it better than I could! What a blessing! Then he went back to his office and showed me a   framed picture of another patient of his with the same condition! We knew he’d be a great doctor to our little girl after that. He even helped us find our first specialists, and let us know about another mom who was in my position. But that’s not all. He has been there for our family since the beginning and every major step in between. He helped us get our disabled parking placard and our flights to Philly too. In fact not too long ago I was on the phone with him working out the paperwork for Mercy Medical Airlift. Any time I needed something done quickly he was there for us, despite having a rather large practice and many other patients. He will be missed. Dearly. There are not many other doctors who would make me cry after hearing this kind of news; he was special to our family.

Before we hired him to be our doctor my husband asked him if he would promise to live long enough to see Laelia through to 18 years of age. He was the kind of doctor you could joke about that with. He promised. For some reason that’s the memory that stands out the most right now.

We’ll miss you Dr. Schwartz!

And as you always said to me:   May the Schwartz be with you! :’-)

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  1. Sarah Macy says:

    Oh, that’s so devastating. I felt like that with our girls pediatrician. He left us for Kaiser many years ago so he could have more time with his family. I couldn’t blame him (even secretly cheered him for standing up for his family like that). I know his family really well and we see him regularly, so it’s not quite the same, but I remember crying because he was so good with my kids and my biggest advocate (and I was 4 months post partum).

    Do you have another pediatrician you’re thinking of?

  2. David Schwartz says:

    Thank you for the kind words about my father, we are all devastated and lost by his sudden passing, but it’s a comfort knowing how many children and families he touched in 30+ years of practicing. Your daughter Laelia looks like she’s growing up quite nicely and I wish you and her a long and happy life.

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