Victories in Videos

Laelia’s version of her ABCs.

First time to ever touch a power wheelchair (in her defense). :)

A few minutes after the very first time she ever touched a power wheelchair.

4 Responses to “Victories in Videos”

  1. Linda Record says:

    WOW! Lali is SO incredible. I’ll bet all her therapists just love working with her. That girl is going places!

  2. Melissa Rowe says:

    Look at her go! She’s a natural. :] Go Laeli!

  3. Melissa Rowe says:

    …on another note, I have noticed there are a lot of variations for spelling “Laeli”. lol. How should it be spelled?

  4. Bethany says:

    Natalie: “Laelia sure is funny, isn’t that right? She makes Sophie faces, she crawls, and she drives on the little chair a bit silly, and she sings the alphabet wrong… hehe!”
    Sophie: “Maybe Laelia can just share that chair with Sophie!”

    We loved the videos — Laelia is so full of life and sparkle!

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