Our weekend


Grandma, there’s no way your getting this out of my mouth.




Where’s Linda?




You people look hot. Not me! :)


Look Daddy! A doggie!


Quick hugs before bed!

Had a great time at Heath and Heather’s wedding! It was beautiful. Her dress was gorgeous! And Laelia loved to see all her family members! (And a few people not related to her who she thinks are family members. :)) And of course I zoinked all the pictures of Laelia from the wedding pictures and put them up above. :) Now we’re back from Idaho. Back to our routine. Well except for tomorrow Charley and Laelia are going to Disneyland to get some use out of these passes we bought.  Lucky bums.  I’ll be at work. :)

Got back from my doctor’s office today. Everyone was so amazed at how well behaved Laelia was (yay for naps!), and how smart she was. She had an invisible piglet on a leash that was running around everywhere! She kept asking the nurses if they wanted to pet the pig or hear it oink. So stinkin cute! I had to give piggy an invisible leash and chain at one point when it kept getting away. :) Laelia also asked to sit on the table and see the doctor. I had to explain that it was Mama’s doctor. This was a new concept–the fact that adults saw the doctor too. She didn’t believe me! She just kept waiting for the doctor to examine her. Ha! :)

It turns out I have costochondritis.  Pretty much it’s inflammation of the junctions where my ribs join with the cartilage that holds them to my sternum. I probably injured it while working out or even sleeping.  It explains the chest pain, it’s legitimate, it’s nothing major, has nothing to do with my heart or lungs, and does not require medication! Best of all it’s not stress-related! Yay! Good thing too, since we have more stress and surgeries and travel to look forward to. That pain in my chest was freaking me out, but now I know it will go away eventually. Whew.

I didn’t hear from Philly today about our surgery appointment. I emailed them, but the nurse who coordinates the surgeries was on vacation until today. She said she’d call me this week in an email. So we’ll know soon. Then I get to start the fun adventures of looking for flights, getting the time off work and arranging housing for the nine days we’ll be recovering in Philly. Ooh there was the pain in my chest again. Are they sure it’s not stress-related? :)

Also we decided to sign Laelia’s IEP (individual education plan). Our OT will measure her every joint, and then we’ll watch them like a hawk to see if we lose any range of motion during her time at school. If we lose even a little, we’ll fight this and have to hire legal help to change her IEP. But right now we’re in plan B. We’re looking for a volunteer to go to Laelia’s school for 15 minutes a day (would require getting a TB test first) to do her stretches. This would eliminate the need for it to be in her IEP. Her stretches take very little training. If anyone knows anyone interested let me know! Perfect for a lunch break!  (Nursing students, PT students and Child Development students *can* get extra credit for class, but have to check with their teachers first.)

Someone is demanding I read her books. Gotta go!

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  1. Linda Wesley says:

    I’m so glad to hear you found out what’s going on with your body. Praise God for that for sure. It was great to see you guys in Idaho. Next time let’s meet in California. I hear it’s lovely in Bakersfield this time of year…

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