Vegas and back again: A Mommy’s tale

I  was in Las Vegas at Deaf Nation this whole week. It was a long time to be away from Laelia–the longest time I’ve ever been away from her in fact. She learned the days of the week, kindof, as we went over and over what days I’d be gone and what would happen each day I was gone. And I promised I’d be back. And I warned that I would want lots of hugs and kisses and cuddles and would be very needy when I got back. She would solemnly respond, “Okay Mama.” When I finally got back home and woke her up from her nap, she was so adorable! She kept smiling really big even though she was half asleep!  She was the sweetest thing ever!  But at one point of many hugs and kisses and cuddles, she started to ask for a break! :) Now she’s been a little clingy. She demands that Mama put her to bed and Mama hold her and Mama brush her teeth and Mama feed her, etc etc etc. But I’m happy to do it! And Daddy is more than happy for the break! :)

I brought back a Super Deafy doll for her, and they have been inseparable ever  since. She even makes me put her hands in I Love You handshapes, even though the arthrogryposis doesn’t allow it. Every joint in all her fingers are stiff with contractures so it’s hard, but she still makes me do it. Breaks my heart that this child can’t lift her arms or move her fingers very much. Sometimes I think it might be better for her not to fall in love with a Deaf action hero. But just look at her face! How can I take him away?


Click on the picture for the video.

Sidenote: Laelia calls every doll or baby  or random object “Penny.” In the words of my husband to Penny’s Mother, “So Laelia has started making voices for every inanimate object in the house, and she has decided they are all named Penny. This leads to some surreal conversation openers like (in high-pitched voice) ‘Hi! I Penny the butt paste!’ =]”  

She explained to a lady at the grocery store today that Super Deafy doesn’t hear himself and wears a bib on his back. The concept of deafness and capes are beyond her no matter how many Deaf people she’s met… um, in capes no less. :) We’ve been watching the Super Deafy  videos online,  and Laelia demands we see them over and over. I’ve had to interpret them for her, and she really gets into them! She doesn’t get that Super Deafy is being funny, but instead cheers him on. So cute! I did the same thing as a kid with the old Batman TV shows. ZAPPO WHAM BLAM! It was serious business for me. :)

Needless to say, Laelia has had a busy week with Daddy while I was out partying… I mean working. :)  Thankfully  they had Megan and Chelsea and Lauren and everyone at school to help. Plus Jill and Sylvia at OT and PT. Plus, you know,  a box. :)    







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  1. Laura says:

    Good job being able to separate yourself for a little bit!!!! I know that between taking trips to places far away from home and going to summer camps (hence being away from my parents and everyone I knew) really helped me be able to mentally handle living away from my parents even though I need a lot of help taking care of myself :) Woohoo!!! :D

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