Surgery date change

Got a call today and Laelia’s surgery is now scheduled for November 16th. (She’s having the bilateral proximal femoral reorientation osteotomies.) Apparently they decided they needed more time for her surgery than November 11th’s schedule allowed for. She’ll be surgery #1 for that day (since she’s the littlest!), so we will need to show up at 6:30AM that morning. I emailed the Miracle Miles people about transportation this afternoon. In fact I had my finger hovering over the send button on an email to them when the nurse coordinator rang my phone to change the surgery date. Excellent timing. :) Now we are requesting to fly out on the 15th instead of the 7th.

November 16th gives us a tighter schedule which has its pros and cons. Mostly I think this change is for the better, and that makes me happy. Or it could be all the chocolate chip cookies I just ate. Either way… GLEE! :)

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