Grady has found a family!


So a while back I posted a blog about this great little boy who needed a family. He is on my heart a lot. In fact we briefly looked into adopting him. That’s  affordable and easy, right?  Um, no. :)

The other day when I found out that a family was interested in adopting him I cried my eyes out. Part of it was beautiful  relief since not being able to bring him home myself left me racked with guilt. But another part of me was sad because he wasn’t mine.

I used to think that people were dumb to fall in love with a picture on a website. But that’s what I did. We had just been given some bad information about our chances of having another child with disabilities. I had signed up on different adoption websites just as a way of coping with the news. I found Grady when I wasn’t looking for more than just information. I stopped and scrolled back up because he looked just like my daughter!   Then seeing he had arthrogryposis was like some sign from above that I would care for him, or at least care about him.  I had already picked out all his doctors, therapists (OT and PT) his surgeon and had a game plan for his legs before we requested more information on him. But when it came down to it, all we could do was give a few dollars to his fund. He wasn’t coming home with us.

But reading about his new family is a comfort. His mom is even originally  from Southern California! They already have a daughter too. They sound absolutely wonderful!

Here’s their story from Reece’s Rainbow’s website.

Here’s the family’s blog with a new picture of Grady looking adorable.

This family is in their first steps of the process and need support! Please consider donating toward the cost of their adoption by going here. Every little bit helps!

I really hope one day Laelia and Grady meet  and become friends. I hope to see this family at the annual AMC convention or connect with them on   Laelia already loves Grady and his pictures online so it would be an easy friendship. :)

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