Chocolate Chip Cookies

Yeah I can be domestic sometimes. ;)

Not to brag (okay, totally bragging) but I’m kinda  famous in local circles for my chocolate chip cookies. It doesn’t matter how many I make, I never return from an event with leftovers. After a few similar fund-raising events done by friends, I was inspired to sell my famous, yet simple  cookies to help  with Laelia’s wheelchair costs. I’m selling half a dozen  for $5. All proceeds go toward my daughter’s wheelchair copay specifically. This is my plot to turn sugar into a wheelchair. ;)

(If you’re not in San Diego and I need to mail your cookies  to you, just add another $5 to that total for shipping. Then email me at recordsky(at) and I’ll give you my mailing address where you can  send the $$$. After I receive your letter, I’ll bake your cookies and mail them to you using the return address on your letter. Ta da! I’ve never done this before so we’ll see how this works.)

Laelia’s power wheelchair is  ready to be delivered, but there are several obstacles between us and bringing it home.

1. We live in an apartment with a billion flights of steps. We’re at the bottom of a hill and  have to  take several flights of stairs just to get to the front door. Then there’s a flight of stairs inside the apartment too. And since we can’t lift the power chair up even one stair, we need to move. And every time I have to carry my little girl awkwardly while dragging her wheelchair up and down the  stairs it becomes more apparent we need to move quickly! We’re in the process of moving, but it will take AT LEAST another two months to work out.

2. We have no way to transport her power chair. It won’t fit in  the car nor can we lift it into the  car even if it did fit. But Laelia’s grandpa (Chelsea’s dad) has a lift for us that he thinks he can hook up  to the back of my Nissan Sentra. We’re waiting until we have a place to take it to! :)

3. The copay for the chair will be  between $800-$1000. This was a rough estimate from the wheelchair manufacturer just to give me an idea on what to save up for.

4. They were suppose to give us a quote first and wait for our okay, but somehow the chair got made to Laelia’s specifications and is ready NOW. Getting it before the 2011 year in  four weeks will  mean it won’t be added to our  medical spending account. Also our  insurance is changing at the end of this month and  I don’t know if the copay gets better or worse.  Dumb stressful budgeting discussions with hubby  to follow.    :-/

Okay that said, I’m super  excited to see Laelia be a ton more  mobile and independent! She would love to keep up with me at the store or move herself on a walk instead of being passively pushed. I can’t wait to show her a whole new world! And even though this all seems hard and expensive and stressful, it’s for her. It’s always for her. And  I’m sure everything will work out. In the mean time, cookies anyone? :)

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  1. Laura says:

    This is so exciting!!!!! Be warned though, power chairs are a case of “once I’ve got it, I can’t live without it.” Even though I’m supposed to be like mature and grown up or something (hehe) I still get grumpy when I discover I must go somewhere without my power chair and be pushed around by someone else. Ok moving on. WOOHOO!!! I’m so excited for you guys!!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    what a great idea! I would love to make a contribution and I should have your address but I can’t find it and my mind is drawing a blank. Could you e mail me @
    (I need your last name also)


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