Power Chairs, Cookies and Miracles

More great news!!!

We figured out today why National Seating made my daughter’s chair without giving us a quote first. It’s because they checked with our insurance (while we still have this insurance until December 31st) and they were given authorization to use our HMO! Our daughter has a plan that has both a PPO and HMO. The PPO part of her plan allows us to get Laelia’s durable medical equipment (aka her AFOs at $400-$600 a pop) that the HMO part of our plan doesn’t cover. (It depends what vendors we use and it depends on if those vendors are familiar with arthrogryposis… it’s complicated. For example SCOPE is never allowed to make my daughter a brace/shoe/AFO EVER again… no matter who covers it! Boo!)   But anyway when NS checked with our insurance they found out they are an approved vendor and our HMO will cover the chair!!!

Meaning, are you ready for this, NO COPAY!!!!!!!!!!!

So of course they decided to go ahead and make this thing that costs us nothing while they still have the authorization to do it! The only issue was that we had no place to put it, but even that’s been worked out! Golden State Tire Co in Escondido will hold it for us until we move! (Thanks Deb and Gary!!!)

So now cookie sales are going towards Laelia’s Seattle Children’s Hospital bills from April 1st. (There should really be a statute of limitations on hospital bills!) As well as other chair-related expenses such as a ramp, a car hitch, etc. So don’t worry, 100% will go directly to Laelia’s medical care/transportation needs.

We’re thrilled! Over the moon! It’s a Christmas miracle! And it feels like a weight that’s been lifted off our shoulders during this stressful time.

Because let’s be honest–I could sell a billion cookies and we weren’t going to cover that copay. But now we have a fighting chance to cover everything! I’ve already gotten seven orders for cookies! Thanks so much!

So does anyone want to rub my daughter’s head then buy a lottery ticket? Because good things are happening for this girlie lately! She’s back at school, she’s happy, she’s getting casts off on January 7th and now she’s getting a power wheelchair that everyone is telling me will change her life for the better! And if this run of blessings keeps up, I’m going to start thinking our life isn’t that hard anymore. And that will just blow all of my preconceived ideas about how terrible this all should be. Hehe. ;)

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  1. Randi says:

    Can you send cookies in the mail? I’m only 3000 miles away :)

  2. Robin Clark says:

    That is just the very BEST news possible! I have been meaning to send you guys a $$ gift. I had hoped to send it to help you when in Philly. It’s going into the mail this weekend and it can help in whatever area of need you have. It sounds like there are many. I don’t want any cookies either, although it does sound like you are the Mrs. Fields of San Diego! I was curious as to why CCS doesn’t help you, but I can almost imagine it’s because of Laelia’s Dx or possibly your income?

  3. Alexis (Admin) says:

    Robin, CCS would help us if we didn’t have arthrogryposis. Or in other words, if they had a specialist that was familiar with it. Right now our OT is very knowledgeable and has experience with arthrogryposis. She makes hand splints designed to help maintain ROM. CCS has OTs, but they all lack that experience. So we asked if we could see our OT at Children’s and see a PT with CCS to save the $30 a visit. Then CCS said it was all or nothing with them and refused us. (They even admitted they outsource their “hard” hand splint work to our OT!!!) So it’s not that we don’t qualify, it’s that our daughter has a condition they can’t accommodate.

  4. Linda Wesley says:

    Praise Jesus!! That is excellent news. Thank you for sharing with us. =)

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