Five screws make for bone blues. But a straighter position is our gift from a wonderful physician!

What’s better than getting lost on my way to a radiology appointment at Children’s Hospital?

A. Doing it without my cell phone.
B. Doing it on an empty stomach.
C. Finding the darn place, getting Miss Casts and her wheelchair to the correct department, waiting an hour then being denied x-rays because they don’t have my daughter’s date of birth and diagnosis written on the silly prescription!
D. All of the above!

The answer is D.

Two days later and we got the x-ray! Barbara in radiology made a few calls to Philly on our behalf and worked it out to have them fax over the missing information.

Our x-ray tech guy was super awesome and helpful. He was cool with my daughter (who is terrified of x-rays for whatever reason) screaming at him the ENTIRE time. After it was all over and the sobs subsided Laelia spent the next half hour telling me, “It’s fine Mama. There there Mama. It’s just a big camera. You’re fine now Mama.” !!! She gave her daddy the impression that she was the brave soul who comforted poor Mama through the entire process.   :)

Then after all that they couldn’t give us the darn x-ray and we had to fill out lots of paperwork in the Health Information department. (A department that is hidden on the hospital’s massive grounds and involves a shuttle car, magic shaman and braving a hedge maze to find… not to exaggerate.)

Then I was called on Monday (earlier than expected) to pick up the records. (After, you know, finding my shuttle, magic shaman, etc.) Making it my third trip to the hospital in a matter of days!

Of course HIPAA made sure the CD those x-rays were on was nearly impossible to share with our doctor. So I ended up having to take a picture of the computer screen to get them. And because of these delays we had to cancel Laelia’s physical therapy appointment since we didn’t know if she could weight bear since we couldn’t get her x-rays to her doctor!

But I’d do it all over again just for the feeling I got when we finally saw the picture.

Before (pre-surgery from October):

After surgery:


Lauren made the x-rays modest for me by adding a black box (without me even having to ask, THANKS LAUREN!) so I can post them publicly. They are too exciting not to share! Pretty much what you’re seeing in the before picture are bad hip contractures (due to arthrogryposis) making Laelia look a little bent like she’s leaning over. In the after picture, the bones have been cut and moved down past the darn contractures. There are screws/clamps keeping them in place which will be surgically removed next year. But look at what a difference! Her legs finally go together!!!And they’re so much straighter!!!!!!!!

I feel so blessed! This life is hard, but it sure has it’s pay offs. Thank you dear Father God for my daughter and her new legs!

6 Responses to “X-rays”

  1. Anonymous says:

    why did you need the xrays? did I miss something?

  2. Tam says:

    why did you need the xrays? did i miss something? Im so glad Laelia will have straight legs. cant wait to see miss sophie with straight legs!

  3. admin says:

    The x-ray was so our doctor could see if her bones were fusing together in their new place. Since they were completely cut off and put somewhere else, they now need to grow into their new place and attach to her hip. If they weren’t quite healing fast enough we’d have to stay off them for a little longer. But the doctor said it’s looking good so we’re going to start doing some exercises, putting some weight through her legs a little at a time and going back to PT. :)

  4. Dan Bassett says:

    That is really fantastic!!! I look at these kind of things every day, and it is SO encouraging to see the results you guys are getting!!!! Really happy for you =D

  5. Robin Clark says:

    What a beautiful outcome!! It seems at some point you certainly could write a book about the unbelievable experiences you’ve encountered with hospitals, airlines and the like. Hooray for Laelia and her straight legs!

  6. Michelle Westbrook says:


    LOVE the new legs!!!!

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