2010 Christmas Card

Any and all aspirations for mailing out real Christmas cards this year have been crushed by all these crazy (non-medical) complications since coming home from Laelia’s surgery. So here’s our official, online (sorry old people!) Christmas card. Enjoy!

Well, here we are at the end of 2010, scribbling down a last minute Christmas letter while waiting in line at the post office. LAELIA STOP RAMMING YOUR WHEELCHAIR INTO THAT!

Where was I? Oh yeah, the Christmas letter. So I found a lazy an easy format to follow to make this go faster more fun! It’s multiple choice time!

1. Family
2. Friend(s)

(See how fun!)

Charles and I are still:

a. married.
b. speaking.
c. breathing.

For the most part, Charles is:

a. busily taking care of his girls.
b. still employed.
c. successfully dressing himself.

Alexis is:

a. baking cookies until she permanently smells like Grandma’s.
b. making fighting the system look sexy with her stress pimples and unwashed hair. ;)
c. appreciating prescription medication.

Laelia is:

a. recovering from her third major lower body surgery (fourth surgery to date).
b. starting pregnancy rumors about her Mama. [Just for the record, Mama does NOT have "a baby in her tummy." Let me just squash the toddler pregnancy rumors while I'm at it. It's all wishful thinking on the part of my kidlet.]
c. demanding ice cream pizza or she’s going to run away with Blue (from Blues Clues) and become a princess fish. [What’s a princess fish? “It makes persons green.” Duh Mom.]

Looking ahead to 2011, we wish you:

a. a happy holidays!
b. a happy New Year!
c. sanity!!!

All our love to you,
Alexis, Charles and Laelia

All of the above multiple choice answers are true, unless they sounded ridiculous… like Alexis baking. We’ve had a busy year with three flights out of state for medical treatment or evaluation: one to Seattle and two to Philadelphia. (Charley really should have done something about that rash earlier. ;)) And Laelia is three years old now and universally in charge of who’s cool.

Laelia: “Daddy and me are the COOL kids!”
Mama: “What about you and me?”
Laelia thinks about it: “We’re the same old kids.” :-/

Our year has been full of surprises, but I’ll just share a few from this month. Like:

SURPRISE there did in fact exist an amazing surgery (or more accurately an amazing surgeon) to give us hope that our daughter would one day stand. And even though she will have been in casts more Christmases than she’s been out of casts it’s worth it. Because yesterday she stood!

SURPRISE we won a raffle on Jared’s Hope and got an iPod Touch!!!

SURPRISE Laelia’s wheelchair has no copay!

SURPRISE Laelia and Mama got complimentary flights from Midwest/Frontier’s Miracle Miles program to go back to Philadelphia on January 7th for cast removal!

SURPRISE Christmas is next week and there’s no way to send everyone a real Christmas card. :)

We’ve had our share of super bad surprises too, but who can remember that long ago… yesterday, last week, this morning. Pffff. :)

So let me wrap up this Christmas card by saying, our year was an adventure. And even thought I hope and pray that next year is half the adventure this year was, I’m so thankful for our friends and family (and bosses and community) who stuck by us and provided everything we needed (from prayer to babysitting to encouragement to advocacy to time off from work) to get by.

Thank you!

Merry Christmas!

5 Responses to “2010 Christmas Card”

  1. Baggins says:

    Pic. #2 = Awesome!

  2. Laura says:

    This whole post makes me so happy!!! I’m so happy for you guys. Especially that you’re like breathing. Always a good thing. It helps lol! My favorite part is “LAELIA STOP RAMMING YOUR CHAIR INTO THAT!!” hehe :)

  3. tam says:

    love it. merry christmas

  4. Lynn says:

    Best choose-your-own-adventure card I’ve ever gotten!

    You guys are my heroes. I hope you all have as merry a Christmas Day as you seem to have (despite the super bad surprises) nearly every single day of life. I know that’s probably inaccurate, but that you can make it seem that way is a feat I bow to!

    Lots of love.

  5. Anonymous says:

    One of the best Christmas letters I have ever received! I keep telling you, Lexie, that you are a very talented, clever, funny, and authentic author! I loved the letter and the pictures of Lailia which made me cry tears of joy! Very precious. Isaiah 52:7 “how beautiful on the mountains (and she is standing high!!) are the feet of those who bring good news…”

    Love and blessings galore from Our Lord and Savior to you and your family.

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