Holiday Fun


Pure happiness!  Standing! The only thing I like about these bulky,  plaster casts is that they provide enough support for standing. So much in fact that standing is getting easier and easier.

Getting sleepy while standing.

Standing while watching Christopher Reeve explain to Big Bird how some people can’t move their arms or legs like other people.

Standing while making home-made Christmas gifts!

And while I love all the standing, our borrowed wheelchair has also been super cool. I’m so glad Shriners let us fly home with it despite our insurance not covering it. It has meant so much in the way of independence. Once again yay Shriners, boo insurance! :)

Throwing pennies into the wish fountain at Birch Aquarium.

Going through the wheelchair-friendly aquarium to try and find Nemo. :)

Getting a free push to the food table by Penny. :)

And speaking of Shriners. So glad this bill for  forty-three thousand dollars  is covered by them if our insurance decides to be their usual difficult selves.

So we’ve been blessed and have had a great holiday season. A highlight was getting to go to Grandma and Grandpa’s to  enjoy Christmas day.  Which is super cool considering  we actually met the  Fehrenbach’s (aka “Grandma and Grandpa”) after Laelia was born!  And while there I forgot to take very many pictures but I did get a couple cute ones with  Nana.

Talking to Nana.

Laughing with Nana.

We also went to Lauren and Ryan’s Christmas party a week earlier to hang out with more great friends!

Shooting Daddy with Adam.

“Eat it Daddy!” <–learning bad habits from Adam… again.

Goofing off with Chelsea.

And of course Christmas parties come with Christmas goodies! So I tried to get Laelia to eat healthy after all the decadence. I failed. :)

Eating fruits and vegetables! …..Oh no wait a minute. Doh!

Laelia also wasn’t feeling well last week so I took her to work with me to keep an eye on her.  Laelia was  on her best behavior and quiet the whole time. She even showed my coworkers all the adaptive sign language  she knew!

Sleeping under Mama’s desk while  Mama takes care of customers over the phone.

We came home from work  to discover the cat had destroyed our tree.

And someone was in our stocking!


We forgot we stuck him in there so she discovered him on her own later in the day. :) Then she loved on him for quite some time. She loves her little stuffies. :)

Snuggling her stuffies. Her favorite color is red. :)

Great great memories! I hope you all had a great Christmas!

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