The Sweetest Gift

Some moms, after they find out that their child has arthrogryposis, write about their experiences, or keep journals; some become advocates and others join support groups to share their experiences and to encourage others. Then there is that rare mom who takes her video camera and travels the country! :) Best gift to us all, Peg!

I’m so excited about this documentary! I can’t wait for it to come out! I know so many of these people!!! Theresa (who is shown painting with her mouth) did a short DVD of herself doing everyday things that she mailed to us after Laelia was diagnosed. It was so encouraging! Evan is the little boy in casts who had the same surgery Laelia just had. His mom (who is amazing) was a complete blessing to our family in just being open about her son’s recovery. Ward (with the Scarman hat) is how we got our Scarman doll. He taught Laelia that scars can be cool! Tracey (Ms. I’m Not Broken) has been a tremendous help to our family and provided the motivation and information needed to make the 3000 mile journey to Philadelphia for treatment. I could go on, but just watch!!!

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  1. Laura says:

    Oh my goodness, I want to see this too!!! I will totally be buying this AS SOON as it comes out!! This is sooo cool!!

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