No Judgment

Yes I bought my daughter a doughnut today. If you had to have these stretches and exercises everyday then I’d buy you one too.

And  maybe I  just so happened to buy  TWO for myself. If you had to stretch and exercise this little darling everyday then  I’d buy you TWO too. :)

Thank you for participating in my self justification. Now don’t ask about the Snickers bar…

PT went really well last night!  We walked away with a  whole page of typed out exercises for PTing (word I made up) at home! *sigh of relief* I am finally less desperate and stressed. I’m so thankful this worked out! And I’m  so amazed it worked out too! Especially after being told no!

Because of some pain issues, Laelia’s not  quite able to do everything on the list, but I can finally write out daily goals and work on them at home! You should hear how thrilled she is about all this. “Please Mama, nooooooooo! No push up. No more stretches. I tired. Cuddle me. Pleeeease!”   This is when a good Mama would cuddle her, but I usually demand one more modified push up. :)

We showed up half an hour early for PT, filled out a ton of  paperwork we’d already filled out and lamented that we couldn’t also have an OT appointment (because now we’re spoiled). We did the full evaluation plus some good old-fashion PT (shhh, don’t tell my insurance) and walked out without paying a cent! We also returned all the different parts to Laelia’s gait trainer in a big garbage bag. It just made me realize that we’re closing a chapter in this stage of our lives. One I’m not sure will stay closed forever, but that largely depends on the quality of the CCS therapists.

I spoke with my contact at CCS who said that as of today all of the pieces of my application have been turned in and the whole thing is being considered for their medical therapy program.  We have the qualifying condition for their therapy program so it should be automatic.  Should be,  but nothing works that way here. I mean, seriously, we qualify  based solely on our diagnosis, of which they have multiple documents proving she has said diagnosis, which means we’re waiting because…?  Uh huh. I guess the person deciding if Laelia is eligable  has a large case load and does it on a first come first serve basis. But my contact, Melanie, has promised to call me as soon as she hears anything. And it does look like (although no guarantees) we’ll be getting our needed physical and occupational therapy from them  before February. Maybe. (No promises.)

Shriners  in LA will take three weeks to figure out that we’re already in their system! (Yay efficiency!) And they’ve requested a bunch of paperwork that I’ve already sent them before. They probably lost it; wouldn’t be the first time. (Shriners in Philly doesn’t have that problem.)

And my patient advocate at my insurance never called me back. In fact I have heard from her a grand total of zero times since starting this whole mess after Laelia’s casts came off on January 7th. And I’ve called  repeatedly. Boo.

I will meet with my boss tomorrow to discuss some  new hours for me to work around Laelia’s daily therapies at home and her commutes to therapies. Wish me luck.

And as far as Laelia’s poor feet (that hold up some of her therapy because of pain issues), we emailed new pictures of her feet to Dr. van Bosse last night  who emailed us back this morning (speedy!) with an entire list of things to help her. I love that! He included steps to follow! Yay! Some of thing  on his list are things  we’re already doing, like putting another pad between the sore spot and the strap. Then there are things like “working” the strap (to soften in up) that I hadn’t thought of doing. We also have the go ahead to ease up on the dorsiflexion straps (the removable ones). We’ve actually already been loosening these, but now we can do it without the guilt trips.  Or more  accurately, Mama can keep loosening  them without Daddy giving her guilt trips.  :)

Laelia is already  happier. Her feet are happier too.  And I guess  it turns out that the  “swelling” of her feet  is actually baby fat in the ankle  getting displaced into the forefoot making it look swollen.   The doctor says  it’s the  “Baby Beluga foot” that is common with this sort of  bracing at  Lali’s age.   So it won’t go down until she grows into her baby fat.  If anyone can find compression socks sized for 2T-3T I would appreciate it. I can’t find any that tiny!

Today we used a Target e-gift card we’d received for Christmas (thanks Annita!) to buy a potty for Laelia that goes over our big toilet. (We had been saving the  money for moving expenses but found out this week that the place we were moving to has some unexpected delays… that could be permanent. We’re now looking at other options.) I’m excited about the potty since the one we have doesn’t work for her. Laelia is already trained for going number two, but not number one. I’m ready to stop using our time restrains, her  pain issues and all this jumping through hoops to get care/therapy as an excuse to not potty train this kid!  Plus with  the new  position of her legs, she can now wear Pull-Ups!  Have I mentioned that I love her new beautiful straight legs?

(Have I also mentioned that I’ll have to change her IEP to get them to carry her to a potty at school? *sigh*)

When I got  the potty in the mail today it came with, I kid you not, a coupon for headache medicine! Ha! :) I’ll take it! :)

Oh and even though she’s not yet completely potty trained, she can change  the ring tone on my phone and turn on Netflix using the X-Box.  I can’t always figure out how to do those things, but I  go potty all by myself so thbbbbbbb! :)

Kids and technology these days. It’s nutty. Times are changing. We were at a doctor’s appointment the other day and I gave Laelia my phone to play with. Well the doctor came in and asked, “Who are you gonna call?”  AND MY KID  DID NOT RESPOND WITH, “GHOST BUSTERS!”    How has the world changed so much?

But not all change in bad. Check out her legs!

And just for fun. Click here to see her crossing her new legs.

Then click here to compare  how she used to cross her legs.

Love my chocolate-covered, un-potty-trained, ghost-busters-ignorant girl! No judgment!!! :-D

6 Responses to “No Judgment”

  1. Kristin says:

    hey no judgement here in fact you’ll probably get the encouragement from me on eating the baddy food lol.. just stopping to say she has such lovely straight legs and also my timmy has that same issue with the “beluga” foot is what you said i think lol.. it’s gotten better over time :)..
    good luck with potty training as well :)

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m lovin’ her! :) Give her a big hug for me!

  3. Baggins says:

    Frankly, if she *had* responded with “Ghostbusters”, I’d be rather disturbed. Exposure to Bill Murray, at that age, could warp a kid for life! ;)

  4. Tracey says:

    Baby Beluga feet….LOL I love my compression socks!!!! I hope you can find some in 2T-3T

  5. Erica says:

    Wow, poor foot. Jared has a bad mark on the back of his foot from his braces and PT and OT and having a fit. I can only imagine if they’d see this picture and the one from your last post… I think they’d die! haha… I hope it heals soon. It’s so hard to get them to be a “perfect” fit… we are always having sore spots. We only wear them at night now though because of issues with them! We go on monday to be fitted for a new pair.

  6. anna says:

    Yayyyy for doughnuts!! (My guys won’t eat them, so I’m still working on what = reward) Yaaaaayyyy for a great Mama! By the way, I watched BOTH video links, and I have to confess that I would get nothing done if I had that little girl around, because I’d spend all DAY kissing and pinching those little cheeks of hers! Oh my GOSH! she is so dang ADORABLE!!! Thankful that y’all have Dr. vB on your team!

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