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Have you seen the blog’s new banner? It’s an adorable little cartoon Laelia in her signature pose! When Laelia first saw it  she said, “It’s a me!”

The art was done by Lauren Burke who I am incredibly blessed to know. You can find more of her work on or or random places all over. I’m not sure exactly what she charges for her work, but in my case she did it in exchange for getting to babysit Laelia. :-D   Then I got Laelia to do push ups in exchange for playing with Lauren tomorrow. Is it wrong to  capitalize  on their love for each other?


9 Responses to “Website Banner”

  1. Linda Wesley says:

    Love it!!

  2. Carolyn says:

    Oh my gosh, that is TOO CUTE! What a great likeness, I love it!

  3. Tam says:

    it really IS her!! how cute is that!!!!

  4. Lauren B says:

    Haha! I like the way your mind works! :-D

  5. Anonymous says:

    I apparently come to the website A LOT! Because the new header wouldn’t show up until I emptied my browsers cash. I love the header! Its soo cute!

  6. Tracey says:

    ahahaha my last comment came up as anonymous…opps sorry about that!

  7. Alanna says:

    I love the new banner! It looks exactly like Laelia!!!

  8. Cheryl says:

    The banner is wonderful, your friend captured Laelia perfectly!

  9. Carolyn says:

    The banner is so awesome! Cutest banner I’ve ever seen! Lauren, you did a marvelous job! Kudos to you! You ROCK! It looks like Laelia to a ‘T’! I can see the love you put into this for an adorable little girl who captures everyone’s heart! She makes my heart melt!! XoXo

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