Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ever!

For the first time in her entire life, Laelia crawls on all fours!!!! (Embedded videos below.)

This is super impressive if you consider that four weeks ago Laelia couldn’t even get up  on all fours by herself.  On January 7th Doctor Harold van Bosse told me I needed to  increase the physical therapy Laelia was getting to  at least two times a week with a professional to maximize her potential. Well that didn’t work out. Or at least it hasn’t yet. It’s been five weeks!  We’re still waiting on CCS and I have yet to do one single PT appointment with them. (Although we have done the initial evaluation. But like a bad first date, they never called after that.)  (Oh and they didn’t even give us  an OT eval, nor has anyone called me to rectify that!) So we’ve gotten by with private PT so far: two visits in our home thanks to a gift from friends,  and two official visits plus one evaluation at Children’s Hospital. But despite what little services we’ve  wrangled professionally,  unprofessionally we’ve done novice PT at home EVERY day. We change up the routine, but she does weight bearing on her knees and push ups every day. Eventually she just figured out that she could combine those two for crawling. She crawled for the very first time on Valentine’s Day! YESTERDAY! And when I say the very first time,  I mean the very first time. In her life. Ever.

Did I mention we have an amazing support group? Both on and on Facebook.  And one mom friend  (who I didn’t meet on either website, but she found me on this blog) especially encourages me by sending videos of her son, Ryan,  who is doing amazing! Laelia saw a video of Ryan crawling  and it put a bug in her bonnet, as my grandma would say, to do it herself a couple weeks later. This is the same mom who dragged me to Seattle’s AMC clinic  and  encouraged us to start  knee weight bearing because of how critical it was. (Thanks Kiersten!) Well it was hard to do anything with those wide knees  when Laelia’s legs were so abducted, but  I could prop her up in my lap or prop her up on the carpet until her legs slid slowly apart and she face planted. :)  But after her osteotomies (aka miracle surgery) it works great!

Here’s a video of her knee weight bearing in the past. She couldn’t do it solo using the table like she can now because of the position of her legs so she had to stay  in my lap.

I also  read Arthrogryposis: A Text Atlas  that’s available online for parents as well as medical professionals.  Starting on page 89 there is PT advice  for  babies with AMC,  and then  on page 106  or 107 I started to get some ideas for toddlers. I recognized so many techniques that our PTs have used in the past  with Laelia.  (Which is amazing considering that I doubt they have read this discontinued medical textbook.) God was directing some serious therapy when I thought we were going no where because of how slow the progress was!

So it was the best Valentine’s Day! And I’m so proud of my little one!  

She is telling me that she  wants to add that she did another first on Valentine’s Day. She ate a heart-shaped sucker all by herself too. It was her very first lolli pop. Haha! She is so full of surprises. I’m so happy to be her mommy!

In closing, here’s another video of Laelia first learning how to do this crawling thing. So great! I can’t get enough!

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  1. Tracey says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    I love that Lali girl pulls out these tricks of hers on holidays, as if there needs to be an exclamation point to her amazing feats! She is a pure joy and I am so thankful you all are in our lives!
    “Low fives”, all around ;)
    *doing a happy dance*

  3. Randi Legates says:

    That’s awesome Alexis! :)

  4. Robin Clark says:

    Praise our everloving God! He has guided you all in this PT search/substitution and look at the progress! Congatulations Laelia for your steadfast effort and awesome crawling! Blessings to you all.

  5. Kristin says:

    I almost cried showing my mom about laelia and how far she’s come with everything.. that was such a beautiful video.. way to go laelia and mommy and daddy :)

  6. Michelle Cousins says:

    AMAZING!!! She is just awesome!! You all our. I can feel how your heart is just soaring. I hope, I know, that my darling little Colette will get there one day too. xo

  7. Lisa Steinkoetter says:

    What an amazing video!! Everytime I see the videos of her progress I feel overwhelming joy!! Praising God for all the great things He is doing in her life and for the amazing parents He gave her!!!! Go Laeli!!! I’m so proud of you!!!!

  8. Joann smith says:

    Lisa said exactly how I feel and she said it so well. Praise the Lord! Tell Laelia she always puts a smile on my face when I watch her. She has such determination and great attitude because she has fantastic loving, encouraging and very patient parents. Give her a big hug & lots of kisses from me who hasn’t even met her but I feel I know her. I know I love her..


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