Blogging Out the Blessings

Laelia finally gets to meet Mickey! Her summary, “He doesn’t talk much.”

We went to Disneyland last weekend with Laelia’s grandparents on Charley’s side. See, I do let her have a little fun between physical therapy and her exercises! Sometimes I even let her play video games.

Laelia really  doesn’t get  Dr. Mario.   :-D

Mama:  “No, honey, the blue pieces go on the blue guys! No the blue ones! Just wait for a blue one.” Laelia: “I made the pill go BONK!”   I think we were playing two different games. :)

Laelia is really good at technology! Are kids nowadays just born knowing this stuff? I couldn’t get my VCR to work half the time when I was a kid, and it only had six buttons! The other day I went upstairs for a minute and when I came back down Laelia had gotten the iPod Touch (the one we won in the raffle) off the coffee table, turned it on, slid the slide bar to unlock it, scrolled over two screens, clicked on the Angry Birds game, selected the last level of the first chapter and then beat it! She was happily watching the credits when I walked downstairs. What?!!! She’s three!

Anyways, where was I? Oh yes, lots of good things have happened to our family lately! (I knew I started to blog for a reason.) I had meant to write something earlier, but life has been crazy lately! I’ll just start off with the good news: We’re moving!!! We’re finally moving!  Our new place  will be  four minutes up the freeway  from where we are now. And we can finally  take Laelia’s wheelchair out of storage and bring it home! I’m so super excited I don’t even know what to say! My dad and Christina (aka Grandma and Grandpa) are moving in with us for a couple weeks to repair the place and maybe  add a ramp since there’s one stair that goes from the kitchen to the living room. Also the roof needs work, the pluming needs a lot of work including  the major water  damage it caused, the carpets are covered in dog urine and there are spiders everywhere. But besides the cracks and flaws, it’s home sweet home and we’re over the moon! (But this is the last time I’ll ever move into a fixer. It’s a  lot of work!) We hope to move in sometime in  the beginning of April and have it mostly fixed by the end of April.

CCS finally started up! We had our first appointment almost two months  after we started the paperwork!  We now  drive over there  twice a week, Mondays and Fridays, for PT. An OT eval  through CCS is also scheduled for March 16th, and who knows when that will start up.  I can’t believe how long this process is!  Laelia is no longer even  “post op” since her surgery was four months ago! And now she needs to catch up  on all this PT and OT that post op kids should get right after surgery! Ugh.  Bad system. Bad!  Of course the therapists don’t have any control over the process  or timing and then they get kids that needed them months ago–it’s just hard on everyone. But so far it’s going well and Laelia is working hard.

Also Laelia has been seeing a chiropractor to wake up some proprioceptors twice a week, but we just had her last appointment. At least for the time being.  We were making gains, but it’s costly and we’re going to see how she does without it for a while. But I have to say  Laelia’s lower lumbar has shown  improvement and I continue to do the  two exercises I learned from the chiropractor  on Laelia everyday.

Can you spot the feet in this picture? :)

I’ve been praying a lot about Laelia’s poor little feet lately. I won’t go into the AFO drama, but she’s had sores and infections and pain and redness and… issues.   And we have tried everything. (So exasperated.) The doctors recommended recasting her until new AFOs can be made. At the word “casting,”  a little girl begins to cry… and sometimes Laelia cries too.  Mama hates casts! And I’d hate to go back into them and  wreck our new PT schedule. *cry*  I’m hoping maybe we  can just cast the left one since the right foot seems to respond to my torture sessions better.  (I am still stretching  both of her feet three times a day.)  We go in to see a new orthopedic doctor on March 18th to see what he thinks, and see if he’ll cast her.

(UPDATE: I just got back from Johnson Orthopedic this afternoon. They added some temporary  padding to  Laelia’s AFOs,  and they made molds for new ones! They think they could be ready in two to three weeks! If so, it’s almost not worth it to cast her up, especially if we have to wait until March 18th to even start the process. So I’m thinking that we may not have to cast her, but I don’t know for sure. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hoping the shoes  are made  quickly!)

I know there’s more good things that have happened resently, but I’m having trouble thinking of  them in the few minutes I have to blog. Oh, well, here’s one: I love  Laelia’s doctor! Can I just  say that? Love him! I know people think that I’m crazy to travel 3,000 miles to see him, and I especially feel the distance when we deal with these AFO issues, but I just love him! He emailed me the other day (as he often does  to check on Laelia)  just because he and his wife were watching Laelia’s You Tube videos at home and he  can’t wait to see her walking! He definitely missed that class in medical school where doctors learn to be uncaring, hope-sucking egomaniacs. Plenty of our other doctors took good notes in that class, believe me.

Well I took my blog break and now it’s time for Laelia’s push ups. There’s a video of a dog on You Tube doing push ups that we watch while Laelia, who  also pretends to be a doggie, does her push ups.  I also  found a video on You Tube of a Sea World  walrus doing sit ups, so we’ll do those next  along with him. Then she’ll be a butterfly to work out her arms and legs, then a giraffe who has to  reach her long neck (standing up) to eat “leaves” (potatoe chips) off the tall tree (my hand). Then she’ll be  an elephant in a circus and have to lift up her leg while balancing on her other three legs, then she’ll be  a kitten learning to crawl, then she’s an earth worm for her back exercises, and then,  hopefully,  she’ll be a little girl again just in time for daddy to come home. Wish us luck!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    GREATEST sentence ever! ” He definitely missed that class in medical school where doctors learn to be uncaring, hope-sucking egomaniacs.”

  2. Kristin says:

    congratulations on the new house… glad she’s getting her PT finally :).. and I hope you guys can get her afo’s right so she doesn’t have to have any more sores :(

  3. Erica says:

    Yay for good things. Yay for moving. We are into the whole fixing up from our two recent flooods. Frusatrating but you will feel good when things are done. I think about you daily!

    Don’t let steve see your tv. He will get tv envy ahaha

  4. Anonymous says:

    Great post. So glad things are going well for you and your precious daughter.

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