Here’s my new card!

Hi! My name is Laelia!     “LAY-Lee-Uh”

I have a lifelong condition called:


It means my joints are stiff.

I also don’t have the muscles to walk or lift my arms high.

But I’m SMART so PLEASE include me in conversations!

So quite a few people have been asking about my cards. Since I updated them I thought I’d share the new ones. These cards can be made on your computer at home if you have the program for business cards, or you can go to and get them for just the cost of shipping. It’s around $5 if you’re willing to wait for them a few weeks, and gets more expensive if you’re impatient.  

The card text has changed slightly. I took out the word “disability” and put “lifelong condition.” Arthrogryposis  IS technically  a disability, but people see the “D word” and assume all sorts of things. For one thing, my daughter is not mentally handicapped in any way, but when  I put  “disability” on the card  even the smartest people assume that! (Until the child  opens her mouth that is.)  And for another thing, Laelia can do things that people assume “disabled people” can’t do, like get around the apartment, blow her nose, feed herself, use the potty, get down the stairs, play video games, color and draw, etc.   She just does it differently.

I can’t  tell you how often these cards have come in  handy.    I’ve handed them out primarily  to flight attendents for our back and forth trips to Shriners Hospital for Children, but I’ve also given them to people sitting next to us on the plane, school teachers, new Sunday school volunteers, the babysitter at 24 hour fitness (back when I worked out), strangers who ask too many questions, friends’ friends, friends’ family, people who give me nasty looks when I use my handicapped parking placard and practically anyone who comes in contact with my daughter more than once.

It’s just nice to have a context when meeting someone new. I wish every mom had this card and then when you meet them in the grocery store or in a waiting room at Children’s you could just exchange cards. (“Whoa, he’s a biter! Thanks for the heads up!”)

Okay also I hand it to people who can’t pronounce Laelia’s name… and that includes most medical professionals. :)

And the thing is, people appreciate the card! And Laelia can now hand them out herself making it extra special!

So thanks, Ani, for the idea, and please everyone feel free to copy it!

2 Responses to “Here’s my new card!”

  1. Kiersten says:

    Love them! Just put them in a safe spot that you will remember :P

  2. Erin Mudd says:

    What a great idea, Alexis! I wish you lots of continued success with the cards. (The “whoa, he’s a biter” part made me laugh out loud!) God bless you and your little family. XX

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