Diaper Change

Another first! Today (Thursday, March 24th)  Laelia stood through a diaper change!!! For the first time ever! We were at CCS for physical therapy and I  had to change her, but there was no changing table. Thankfully there was a stool in the bathroom so I leaned her against that and said, “Strong legs!” which is my warning when  I’m going to stand her up. She fussed the whole time, but afterwards was so proud of herself and told everyone about it! She beamed with pride when she told her daddy that night.  Time for Pull Ups!

(This posted late on the 27th, sorry. I used my magic website powers and set the publish date back to the 24th so I’d have a record of when it happened. That’s right, people, I went BACK IN TIME!   :) Since  Thursday she has stood through most of her diaper changes!)

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