Our New Home

Standing in front of our  front door  a year and a half after starting this process.

Laelia’s new room. (Before the walls were cleaned and the carpet ripped out.)

Our new housemate. He’s as big as a pen!

The stair. Click on this picture to go see the video.

So we finally found our home! We move in  next week, but  are starting the major cleaning/fixing projects now. The above picture shows Laelia sitting on the only major stair in the whole place! And if you clicked on the picture and saw the video then you saw that she can easily mount it! Remember when  that was a LOT harder?  

What this means for Laelia is huge!  National Seating  can finally  deliver her power chair! And the kind of independence and joy this will bring her will be immeasurable! Laelia has been looking forward to this chair since we first got it months ago. The only obstacle was moving into a single story place since our apartment complex had a several too many stairs. We are planning on building a small ramp on the left side of the stair just for her wheelchair, but that doesn’t stop  us from bringing it home.

We  have been  completely blessed by wonderful friends and strangers alike  in the last two days. It became clear by the size of the mess that it would be VERY difficult to finish cleaning and tearing out carpet before we moved in next week. I mentioned this to Brenda, who had a group of  ladies over (she is my model for  hospitality),  and within 24 hours her husband, David the Hurricane of Service (as my husband refers to him), had a group of volunteers over ripping out carpet!  Laelia LOVED having people over and mentioned the  names of the  people she remembered (Mike and Brenda mostly) again and again. She also went around telling  the crew to be quiet. Ah the three-year old princess.

David works at Fellowship of San Diego, a church down the road from our apartment who has left us speechless more than once. They barely knew us before they were bringing meals and visitors after Laelia was born. We have some great friends from there who we adore!  Well it happened that a group of people from California Baptist University were in town for the weekend doing service projects through Fellowship. So Saturday morning around  ten college students in work clothes came to scrub walls and rip out carpet padding! They were here almost three hours and did  more work  in that time than Charley and I could have done in the next week! It was amazing!!!

The living room (and stair) after demo.

Laelia “helping.”

Laelia LOVED having the team over. She sang them songs and showed off her new standing ability. She also followed a couple girls, Ashley and Raquel,  around very closely just watching them work. (Once again like the little princess she is.) She drove around in her little pink caster cart that my dad had made for her (the wheelchair substitute for shorter distances) going  back and forth to all the rooms to see what was going on. I think she was super bummed that they weren’t all moving in with us. :)

Our hearts are so  full of thanks I can’t even describe it! And we appreciate those who have gone out of their way to help us. Thank you so so so much!

It goes without saying that  we saved not only time but also money because of the abundant generosity of these friends and strangers. We decided to give back a bit so we donated some of that saved money to a little boy with Laelia’s condition facing some bad circumstances in an orphanage in his home country.

Click on the link to donate to baby Joel!

We also donated some of the saved money to Reece’s Rainbow, a wonderful organization helping  people adopt  special needs kids  from countries where orphaned  special needs children  go to  mental institutions where life is awful. (And “awful” is too mild a word.)  Laelia, had she been born there,  would be a year away from facing the mental institution, despite her intelligence  and beauty. Baby Joel is around four months old and it takes around seven months to adopt from  his home country in the Ukraine. If adopted soon he would be around a year old and still very viable for serial casting, surgery and splinting, as well as English learning! I love his little face, it haunts me, and I hope he finds a family soon.  Donating to his  personal account helps a great deal in that it catches the eyes of potential parents.    Laelia has three friends with arthrogryposis  who have been adopted through Reece’s Rainbow. It’s a great program! (You all know you want a mini Laelia. ;) He’s so cute!)

And if any AMC families need to come to San Diego for Rady Children’s Hosptial or any of the many services available down here, we’d love to have you over! Please let us know! Right now we even have one working, yet gross  bathroom! (Oooooh tempting.) We love meeting new AMC families and Laelia loves it too! Or if you’re thinking of adopting a kid with arthrogryposis, come meet our Laelia!

Again, thanks to all who helped us and continue to help us. Thanks for the  borrowed tools and cleaning supplies and painters. Thanks for cleaning walls and ripping out the little boards with nails in them. Thanks for helping us remove all the doors. Thanks for the prayers and words of encouragement. We feel so loved!

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  1. Laura says:

    This is so awesome!!! I can’t wait to hear how she does driving around in the house! :D And what a great house! It’s a lot of work, but my parents house is the same! Well the first floor anyways. Just one stair. Except we have a ramp that spans the whole step, which is safer so I don’t accidentally drive off the step. But I don’t know how much time she will spend in the chair, so that may not be a problem for you. I’m always in mine. I’m so excited for you guys though!!!! :D

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