Moving Day

I hate spiders so why am I moving in with so many?

So tomorrow is moving day. Today is packing day. And every day this week has been cleaning day.

Laelia is reacting to the chaos around her in equal parts excitement and meltdowns. Naps help so I starting bringing Laelia’s playpen to the new place and letting her take a nap while I cleaned out the spiders. There are spiders everywhere. I’ve cleaned about 800 so far. I’m getting pretty brave about it too. I can now kill them with my thumb and finger. It’s only freaky when I hear what sounds like bones crunching because the spider was so huge it had some serious mass to it. (Even creepier is when they squeal, “Noooooo!” right before I do it. :))  And every time I clean a wall I get bug parts all over it from something I inadvertently killed in the process. Yuck.

But so far our move is still on schedule. I’ve been all over Craigslist finding furniture. I got Laelia’s new bed! So exciting! The owners said it was “lucky.”

Laelia’s new room and bed! (Before cleaning. Mind the mess.)

Speaking of mess, my kitchen was the worst. I painted two of the walls myself (learned the difference between a brush job and a roller job… big difference!), and cleaned all the walls. I only have a few permanent spiders who are painted into the wall, but I’m still  very proud of the job I did! But the bugs!!! Ugggggh!  I can’t kill one without twenty more showing up. I thought of sweeping them up and then just killing them outside, but they overtook my broom. :(

I kept the smaller black ones. Apparently they are  a different kind than the brown ones and are good for your yard. And since I’m so excited to finally be around grass (first time living  with grass and dirt  in my whole adult life!) that I’m just thrilled to help out my new backyard however I can.

Speaking of my backyard, Charley was out there the other day with David and they noticed a stone poking out the side lawn. It turned out to be one of those pet cemetery deals. Creepy! I definitely didn’t want “Fluffy” or in this case, “Adam Sinroy” in my yard so I had them dig him up.

Ugly dog bones.  

Well now I’m off to finish cleaning my apartment. I don’t cook so we eat out a lot. The take out trash has been piling up lately.

I hope that our move goes smoothly tomorrow. I’m so excited about our new place. Even the “dog” bones are excited. They started talking one day so I kept them around. Apparently they  came with a scary warning about disturbing them and curses. Bah. He’s making friends with all the spiders. :)

Happy April Fools Day!


19 Responses to “Moving Day”

  1. Randi Legates says:

    Okay I’m guessing that since it is April 1st, that your kitchen doesn’t really look like that?? Good luck on the new house Alexis!

  2. cheryl schalk says:

    you got me, especially with the bed. Congrats.

  3. Kristin says:

    Hahahahahahaha..Thanks for the laugh!! Happy moving day..we are moving too!! Yay!!

  4. Chelsea Powell says:

    I look forward to this post very year. You’re right up there with google in my book :)

  5. Chie says:

    I was going to say, those teeth looked awfully human for that dog skull. LOL!!!

    And I’ve seen how one spider makes you scream. I don’t think you’d deal with all those brown bugs so well. (They made my skin crawl just looking at them… blech!!!)

    If you need bug sprayer people I know a guy. Good luck with everything, neighbor! =D

  6. Chelsea Powell says:

    *every. iPhone fingers.

  7. Linda Record says:

    Every year!!! You’d think by now I would just anticipate the April Fool posts, but no, I get sucked in. By the time I saw the lock on the door of a bedroom that needed condemning, I should have known. But I just figured I’d write about the need to get rid of the deadbolt on Lali’s room. The cockroaches on the broom added an exterminator to the list of things that house needed. The HUMAN remains in the backyard were the last straw. I was going to recommend blowing the place up before you could be trapped in that neighborhood. But it was the kitchen that gave it away. There’s no way you would have let anyone see that much garbage piled up … even if it DID exist (which it wouldn’t).

    Have a fabulous moving day!

  8. Kiersten says:

    I CAN’T believe I fell for that…knowing you and your April Fool’s tradition…..I was HORRIFIED reading your blog and immediately considered sending Laelia a bed! UGH! I’m totally grossed out now, but thanks for your awesome creativity! And happy April Fool’s!!!!!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    I sincerely doubt you’re now smashing spiders between your fingers. I’ll believe that when I see Josh doing it.

  10. Lauren B says:

    You had me going until about the skill, lol. And I KNOW you do these posts ever year! Very clever, girly! hahaha

  11. Melissa Rowe says:

    So knowing you do an April Fools post every year, I came here, and then thought to myself “Oh, this is just a normal post. She was talking about the spiders.” I was fooled up until I saw the bed…then was like “wait…” and scrolled down. But I was still fooled! Can’t believe it. You’re good. :)

  12. tam says:

    hook line and sinker. and after I told Andre and Sophie about April Fool’s day! SO GLAD you arent going to live with roaches. I was seriously concerned about that. YUUUUK! We had roaches in Ukraine and BLEH I would only sleep from 4-8 in the morning because it was light outside then and I was NOT going to sleep with those suckers! My reasoning was if it was dark outside they would come out but in the daylight they wouldnt. maybe that isnt true but it got me through! Eric found a roach under MY PILLOW and after that I was D.O.N.E. DONE! and this is NOT an april fools joke. blech. creeps me out just thinking about it. and now I know better what to expect from YOU on April 1!

  13. Felicia Breeden says:

    YOU TOTALLY GOT ME!! I was reading and the further down I went I kept saying “No, No, No… she HAS to be kidding!” Good one Alexis! Hope all goes well with the move! <3

  14. Brenda Powell says:

    You and your crazy April Fool’s blog…got us again! I’m telling David about this miss funny girl!

  15. Maria Ryan says:

    EEEEEK!!!! You completely reeled me in like a dead fish!!! I was saying, “Oh my gosh Alexis!!! Crushing spiders with your fingers?!? Deadbolt on Lali’s door?!?!? The last owners of the bed said it was “lucky”?!?!?”… then I paused and said, “No… never… not Lali’s awesome mommy!!!”. I scrolled to the bottom at that point and almost peed my pants I was laughing soooo hard!!!!! Good one my friend!!!! Good one!!

  16. Annita says:

    Ok, that was totally creepy. Now please send us some real pictures. I was really staring to feel badly for you.

  17. Anonymous says:

    i can’t believe that we (I am glad it is not just me) fell for your April fools joke again! what fools we are and how very funny you are. I bet some day Lali will pull a really good one on you. remember, he who laughs last, laughs best.


  18. Robin Clark says:

    Alexis, there must be some kind of contest that you could win an award for your amazing April Fools day stories!!

  19. Erica says:

    Thanks goodness. I was like that’s it she needs some intervention lol.

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