Disneyland Break!

We met so many characters! The most we’ve ever seen! It was great!

Laelia wanted me to hold her up to meet Cinderella. Cinderella is Laelia’s favorite princess of all time. This Cinderella was beautiful and had the mannerisms down. I was super impressed. She treated Laelia like the most important person in the world, even taking both her hands and holding them. We ran into the princess off in some secluded area of the park quite by accident. Only  a few people were around  so the character could spend more time with each child who stumbled upon her. Laelia was wide-eyed; I was  completely charmed!At one point Cinderella asked Laelia if she had any animal friends. Laelia was about to say, “cats” because that’s how she always  responds to that question. But something came over my daughter. Maybe it was meeting her idol. Maybe it was the magic of Disneyland. I don’t know.

“I have ca…. a… AN ELEPHANT!”

So cute!!! Cinderella gave her a hug and seemed to realize her effect on the little Laelia. Afterwards my daughter  talked endlessly  about meeting Cinderella and wondered aloud  what Cinderella was doing for the rest of the day. I mentioned that Cinderella seemed to really like  her and that made Lali beam and blush! I wish I could bottle this!

Then Laelia exchanged some sass with Mary Poppins.

Then rode Mary Poppin’s horse after Ms. Practically Perfect told her about it.

Note the Mary Poppins identifying markers on the side of the horse. It’s the same one from the movie hidden in the carousel.

We ran into a very playful Peter Pan. He ran off (literally, while skipping and jumping and soaring with his arms) soon after.

She became part of Ariel’s world.

She got to meet the princess whose name is the same as the shape of her dress. (Laelia pointed out.)

And here’s the princess Lali sometimes dresses up as.

“Mama, it’s Roar-Ruh!” (Aurora from Sleeping Beauty.)

She held hands  with  Devin and Lily  while we walked.

So cute!

We made wishes!

Lily got Laelia a Cinderella music box! She loves it! She demanded to hold the bag herself and sleep with it that night.

We did Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.


Ah so cute! Ryan kisses back!

“Don’t make me pull this car over!!!”

Disney knows what kids will eat. :)

Free stickers?! Yay!

Laelia’s room demolished in minutes!!

We had so much fun! (Now back to housework. :))

4 Responses to “Disneyland Break!”

  1. Kiersten says:

    aww – love the pics…that day was so awesome – thanks for driving up to play with us. The kids had a blast!

  2. Kathy McDonald says:

    So many princesses! It looks like Laelia had quite the magical day:)

  3. Colsons Mom says:

    Awe Alexis – she’s so super cute!! What a wonderful day!

  4. Lauren B says:

    I LOVE these pictures! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

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