Want to see how one little girl earned all these cheese crackers? Just click on the picture above to see what she did!

And click here to see  her attempt of that same feat  the day before.

And below is a video of Laelia turning on the  lights all by herself! (If anyone has a better idea of how to set this up let me know. I’m using a wand for window shades and duct tape. Sometimes the weight of it all turns the light off.)


And lastly, here is my little girl and her new found story telling ability. :)

Yay videos!

2 Responses to “Videos!”

  1. Laura says:

    A possible better light switch idea (but also rather more permanent) would be: attach a small pulley to the wall just above the light switch so that one string hangs from it straight to the light switch. then send that string through the pulley and down again to the ground so there are 2 strings hanging down to the ground. pulling one string should turn on the light and pulling the other side should turn it off. :D You can email me if that needs more explanation, I’m not always very clear at explaining things. :D

  2. Kathy McDonald says:

    I love that story! A beautiful hippopotamus, a brave little girl, a boy named Light and a funny monster………..all the classic elements of greatness!

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