Broken window

Last night some guys broke our window for the SECOND time in  just under  four weeks. (Causing us to fill out our second useless police report since moving in.) My husband heard the noise and a  few guys running away as he was putting Laelia down for the night. He told  Lali it was nothing and tried to not let her know  there was anything scary going on.  She got to stay up later just so we could make sure no one had broken in and that she was safe.


They broke  that window  the first time the day after the house became ours. Brenda swept up the glass before we moved in,  and Alan replaced the window for us just two weeks ago! (Both Fellowship folks.) We also found broken bottles around the area and shards of glass in the grass. And cigarettes in the driveway… and we don’t smoke. This time  they  probably used  a base ball bat. The screen stayed in tact (My dad says,  “When I make a screen, I make a screen!”), but the window shattered and shot glass across the garage.  Charley spent last night cleaning up glass. I spent the afternoon cleaning glass out of the cat food, the baby’s crib and all the other places Charley couldn’t see last night. It really rips away my sense of safety; I had nightmares all last night.  If they had decided to destroy the next window over to  the right they would have shattered glass all over my  daughter’s face.

And I’d be going to jail for murder.

2 Responses to “Broken window”

  1. Abigail says:

    So creepy. Maybe you could install motion-detecting lights around the house outside? Anyone sneaking around would be in the spotlight, then.

  2. tam says:

    I second the motion detector lights. if it doesnt deter them at least you will be able to SEE who is doing it! or maybe a big dog! can you borrow a big dog for awhile. let it be seen around let it bark(not to excess just enough to let people around know that there is a BIG dog there.) I HAVE borrowed dogs before lol. but not for this reason. or maybe you could get one of those big dog barking sound things that just has a recording of a barking dog.

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