AMC Conference

I’m thrilled to report that we are going to the AMC conference in July! Thanks to our friends and family, both my and Laelia’s airline tickets are paid in full! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

I can’t wait! There are so many people in our AMC family  who  I want to meet in person! And I want Laelia to see her friends and their abilities! It helps her so much!  Thanks Sohpie and Ryan (well,  really your mommies) for sending your videos to Laelia! You guys are a big encouragement to  her. She does try to do the things you show her and she is getting stronger all the time! And thanks Miss Resa for the DVD  of you doing everyday things.  Laelia is now trying to get on the couch by arching her back too. She’s still little so it will take some time, but she tries hard! She would also like to know why you  get to use the stove when she can’t. I don’t think she sees many adults with AMC so she assumes you must be big for three! ;)  I can’t wait to meet more grown-ups with AMC!!!

AMC Conference in Kansas City, here we come! Can’t wait for July!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Happy Days are here again! I am so thrilled you will be able to go–PTL!

    I would like to see the videos of Sophie, Ryan and Miss Resa too.

    have a great trip– I hope and pray it exceeds your expectations.

    hugs and kisses to Laelia

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