You could win!

Laelia and I have decided to fund-raise for baby Joel (see previous post) because he is so cute!  To  quote Laelia, “He’s a baby! Oooooooh baby!”  :)

So to help the cause Laelia wants to make a very special video for a  very special person!

Simply go here and donate to Joel’s account. For every $5 you donate I will enter your name into the drawing. (But you have to comment on this blog and tell me how many  chances you earned! Reece’s Rainbow doesn’t just let me know who donates. :)) Once  Joel makes it to $640 (which would be double the $320 he has now) then the contest will be over and we will pick the winner! (Well technically will pick the winner.) Then Laelia will make a very special video for the winner.

It’s that easy! All donations are tax deductible.

Thanks for playing! And thanks for saving a child with arthrogryposis from a life without hope!

2 Responses to “You could win!”

  1. Linda Record says:

    Put us in for 10 ($50). Love you! lr

  2. lauren B says:

    You are an amazing mom with an amazing daughter. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!! lol

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