My, that’s generous!

I love a good challenge, which  is why the email I just read is  super exciting! How exciting you ask?

Yep just about this exciting. No wait…

Maybe a little closer to this exciting!

Joel, the Ukrainian orphan with arthrogryposis,  has  *another* (different this time) anonymous donor! This time we’re trying to get to $2,000! That would be quite a bit! Funds will be matched dollar for dollar and penny for penny until either Saturday, June 18th, or until we reach $2,000, whichever comes first! (Oh I hope we reach $2,000 before next Saturday!!!) Click here to donate!

But that’s not all!

If we make our goal by Wednesday (June 15th), three days early, the donor will throw in another $250 on top of that!!! (Whoa! I’d LOVE to see $2,250 in Joel’s account!) Please click here to donate!!!

But that’s not all!

If we make our goal by Monday (June 13th), five days early, the donor will throw in $500 instead of the $250!!! (For a total of $2,500 if we’re quick! I’m crying because I’m so excited!) So… um… CLICK HERE TO DONATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No time to lose! If you help us now, your gifts will be doubled! If you help us sooner rather  than later we may even  get a bonus!!! All  donations are tax deductible!

Then after the excitement dies down you can go back to whatever you were doing before. Like eating dinner!

Thank you!

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