A year of preschool and a day at the zoo!

Here’s Laelia’s preschool class on graduation day!

My kid is the ¬†only fair child in the only wheelchair. No one asks, “Which one is your child?” No one. ¬†:)

Lining up!

Finding her place.

Singing the songs.


Getting her certificate for completing her first year of preschool!

Laelia attempts to escape from the group picture. Good catch Miss Wilson! :)

I just liked this one because Laelia and Miss Wilson have the same facial expression in this picture. :)

Yesterday I asked her how she liked the ceremony and she said (and I quote), “Honey, pleeeeeease.” Really?! Ha! :)

Today we went to the zoo to celebrate!

Okay fine we went to the zoo because we heard Elliot and her parents would be there and we thought we could weasel in on their vacation. :) :) :)

The girls!

Baby hippo!




The orangutan council is called to order.

Scooting with the hippo.




In other news, when we got home from the zoo we checked in on Joel’s account, and he has *gasp* $877.15!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m starting to think maybe we can get him to $2,000 by Monday for that $500 bonus. I’m trying to not get my hopes up. I just so want this little guy to have a family of his own! Joel deserves to go to the zoo with his Mommy! Remember every dollar donated to his account is still matched dollar for dollar from an anonymous donor! For a limited time only!! Tax deductible! Go here to donate! Thank you!

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  1. Tam says:

    I love it when the animals interact with the humans. its so special. Laelia looks like she has grown so much since I saw her!!! cute as ever.

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