Changing Joel’s Life

You don’t know us, little guy, but we’re here to help you. Because that’s what grown-ups are for.

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Jumping onto Joel’s account today after the anonymous donor dumped a few more matching funds in,  and seeing the $972.55 (!!!)  made me squeal out loud!  Laelia asked me, “What?” I told her that people had given money to help baby Joel, and that I was very happy and thankful. She said, “Can I see baby Joel now?” And  I said, “As soon as his  mommy finds him, and  IF  they take him to see the same arthrogryposis doctor we all travel to see then probably!” Laelia nodded and went back to eating her sandwich. In her world good things happen. Adults take care of babies. Period.  And Joel’s situation is as foreign to her as advanced calculus is to me.

She would never guess some babies end up here. And Joel could face something similar to this in a couple of years.

Just to recap: A generous, anonymous  person has offered to match every donation made to baby Joel’s adoption fund until either we reach $2,000 or until Saturday, June 18th, whichever comes first! If we reach $2000 by  June 13th (TOMORROW)  the donor will throw in another $500 bonus! So really we only have to raise less than $600 for that to happen!  So even if you only have $5 PLEASE give because it will become $10! And it’s tax deductible!!!

Right now Joel is eight  months old!  The more  money in his account, the more likely he’ll be adopted! The faster we get funds into his account, the faster his parents can afford to bring him home. And anyone associated with arthrogryposis KNOWS that the sooner these kids get treatment the better their outcome! It’s not too late.

If you can’t give right now, please  share this! Please help him! He has my heart in a vice grip and I’m desperate for him.

Thank you!

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