WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

We raised $2,000 this afternoon and earned the $500 bonus!!!!!!!!!

I really didn’t know if we could! I was telling the anonymous donor today via email  that I’d make a terrible sports fan since I’d be watching the score board and biting my nails the whole game! I’ve been super  emotional since this began! But look at all you wonderful people and your generosity! You amaze me!

Go here to see all the pretty monies. Hehe. :) It’s fun. I do it often! :)

Thank you for helping to milk this donor for every penny!

Oh and I got an email from Reece’s Rainbow today.

And as an extra reward, here’s the picture they sent me!

The whole picture!

Look familiar?

My Little Laelia presented the same way! 10/9/07

So if you want to know how Joel will look in the future, you can just  look at  pictures  and videos of Laelia for a good idea. But Laelia could not raise her arms as high as Joel  can in this picture. In fact she didn’t move her arms or legs much at all for the first year of her life. So I see a TON of potential in little Joel. A ton!!!



Thank you.

I’m humbled.

A note to Joel’s Mommy,

I know adoption is expensive and we’ve only raised 1/8th of your costs. And I know special needs are worrisome. But you have a whole community of people behind you. People gave to his little boy who you will probably never meet.  We’re here for you. We want to see your son be given his forever name and his forever home. We want to see him stand and walk and play baseball. We want to see him smile and  laugh and read his first books. Most of all, we want to see him with you.

It’s been my greatest joy in life to watch my daughter thrive, to have the backing of a whole community of  my  AMC  family,  to battle arthrogryposis and kick its butt! I can’t wait for you to experience this. It’s a wild ride.


Alexis your friend

4 Responses to “$2500!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. Kiersten says:

    Joel’s legs look exactly like Ryan’s only Ryan’s right leg lay in front of the left leg, rather than below it. Seeing the “whole picture” only makes it more important that Joel finds his family, since he can be HELPED significantly. I hope someone out there opens their heart and home to this precious boy.

  2. Melissa Rowe says:

    If only I had the means. It’s so amazing the money that was raised though! It’s gotta be for a reason. You could be the official cheerleader of these children. ;)

  3. admin says:

    And Ryan is walking now! I can’t wait to see Joel walking!

  4. Jason Coutee says:

    It is so great to know there are others out there that are going through this as parents. Jace Matthew Coutee was born 6/18/2011 7lbs 3ounces. He is bilateral clubfeet which now has his first series of ponseti cast. We knew about this during the pregnancy and was very well prepaired for the casting and bar. What we wasn’t ready for was when Shiners here in Shreveport LA diagnosed Jace with Amyoplasia of the arms. His little hips, neck, fingers and spine seem great but he may never gain the ability to bend his arms at the elbow. We were very concerned over the first two days at the hospital when we realized he wasnt bending his elbow but because he was keeping his hands open and griping things really well the dr’s didnt seem too concerned. An orthepedic specialist said it may be slight eby’s palsy but shriners would know more when we went for his casting. The news was a shocker but he has yet to see us upset. He is beatiful and turns heads everywhere :D If anyone has recommendations for procedures that may help his biceps, nerves, tendons in his arms please contact me at 318-613-5295. Again thanks so much and you and your daughter are a godsend to parents like me.

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