Guy and Rainy

I don’t know if any of you realize this, but for as long as Laelia could speak well, she has  had two dear friends: Guy and Rainy. Guy is a boy and Rainy is a girl. They are both her age. They are both always on her side. And they are both trouble.

They’re also both imaginary.

At one point there was also a monster-creature named Bushka who frequented our home, but once Laelia started making friends in preschool then her imaginary friends became more like her classmates.

And this is embarrassing, but I confessed to Ms. Wilson, Laelia’s teacher, that for the longest time I thought Guy and Rainy were classmates.  :)   I mean, they seemed so normal, and she’d talk  about them all the time! Sure I knew they were also imaginary, but I thought they had real counterparts. So paying extra close attention to the names on the cubbies in Laelia’s classroom I was surprised to not see  Guy  or Rainy or anything close.  Guy and Rainy were no doppelgangers, they  were complete fabrications!

And  that’s weird. Because the fact is, we don’t even have any idea where she got their names. Sure she’s heard of guys and rain, but Guy and Rainy are both real names. And since I knew a “Renny” I tried to correct Lali once and say, “You mean Renny?” And she just said, “No her name is RAIN-Y.” That’s just odd, isn’t it? No one told her what to name them, but she named them actual names.

Often when we play Candy Land with Laelia there will also be game pieces for Guy and Rainy. Often when Laelia gets in trouble Guy is the first one to blame. Often when Laelia gets a treat then Rainy needs a treat too… that Laelia is more than happy to eat for her. :)

So we adjust. I hold the car door open longer for “the imaginaries” to exit the vehicle. I sometimes set plates out for Guy and Rainy. I leave spots for them to sit on the cough. I make sure that if we accidentally leave one of them at the store (you’d be surprised how  often this happens) that I call the store to make sure they get a ride home. (I use Mama’s imaginary phone of course.)

And, sure, we have long talks about what’s real and what’s imaginary. And what the difference is between imaginary and invisible (wind is real, but you can’t see it).

But mostly I just enjoy Laelia’s world.

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  1. Linda Record says:

    This is perfect! She and our grandson Eric should get together. He’s always been totally creative in his company. It’s amazing how he blends the two worlds. He can be in the middle of a sword fight or some other amazing adventure, get called to supper, and will put down all of his gear to get ready to eat. Then, after whatever, he will go back to where the imaginary accoutrements were left, reclaim them, and pick up where he left off.

    It’s wonderful Laelia has this gift, though I imagine it can be challenging to have to teach all three of them the various boundaries of real life. :)

  2. Joann smith says:

    Guess what? because you share her story, I enjoy Laelia’s World also! She certainly is an amazing little girl and has a very creative imagination. When I think of how many times I have been fooled by your April fool’s jokes, I think she may have inherited her imagination from you–

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