Mr. Bear

So Laelia has a giant  new friend named Mr. Bear. Or at least that’s what we tell people.  What we don’t tell them is that Mr. Bear is for me. Yep,  Mama needed a giant bear. No telling! Promise? Good. Now I’ll explain.

It started out with a much needed trip to Costco. We usually get a toy that Laelia can hold while I shop, then we put the toy back before we check out.  Well when we saw the giant stuffed bears and Laelia squealed in delight, we figured we’d found our toy. Giant bear in the cart for the trip. Done.

We had some issues fitting anything else in the cart with us. Okay a lot of issues. Mr. Bear (or  Bear-y or Joey or Teddy, as Laelia kept naming him over and over in her excitement) filled up the entire basket while his head drooped over Laelia’s shoulder. I almost ran into people because I just couldn’t see past him well. Some people pointed at us and said things like, “Look at that huge bear!” Or “What a lucky little girl!” But one couple just shook their heads with disdain  like I had bought one hundred pounds of chocolate for dinner. I heard them mutter, “Better ways to spend your money…” Obviously they didn’t know that I was only getting him for the trip and it cost no money at all just to drag him around the store. I refrained from sticking out my tongue at them.

When we got  to the check out,  it was time to say good-bye to Mr. Bear. Laelia was so cute about it. She said, “We have to go now Mr. Bear. Oh no. No no.  Don’t cry. Be a big girl, Mr. Bear. No crying. Someone will buy you. We have to go…” It was around this time that I saw that Mr. Bear was only $29.95.

I caved.

I think I wanted him just as much as Lali. I put a few things back (stupid budget) and got the BEAR. (I would  type “bear” but he’s so huge.  From now on he deserves all caps.)  He took up the entire back seat of my car, leaving just a bit of space for Laelia and her car seat. He was hot too. It’s summertime and this  BEAR was furry and huge and a million degrees! I was thinking how impulsively stupid spending 1/3 of my budget on a  BEAR was around the time I was dragging him  through my front door.

But Laelia loves him. And so do I. In fact she had to ask me if *she* could have a turn with him after I was done cuddling him. It’s just something about having a giant teddy bear that brings back  weird  longings from my childhood. I couldn’t stop taking running jumps on top of him with my daughter in my arms. We laughed our heads off!

I curled up with Mr. Bear and took a nap. Laelia also took a nap ON TOP OF HIM!  We were having a great time until Daddy got home.  Charley  just stared at Mr. Bear for a minute and then shook his head like those people at the store did.

Charley says I can’t do the Costco shopping anymore. …   …     ….  This thing pays for itself! :-D

Laelia threw up a few days  later  and Mr. Bear was there for her with snuggles and bedtime stories. It was the cutest thing! He’s just so soft!

So now I tell myself we don’t need the black one just like him back at the store. We don’t. We don’t. No.    :)

UPDATE: It didn’t take  Charely long to warm up to Mr. Bear. He now grabs the bear in front of him (completely hiding  his frame  from view) and says, “I’m gonna eat a little girl!” (in a bear voice I might add) and  chases Laelia throughout the house. :)

6 Responses to “Mr. Bear”

  1. Lauren B says:

    You are a responsible woman and I think you are entitled to your BEAR :) Those other BEAR haters are just jealous.

  2. megan says:

    freaking hilarious and adorable.

  3. Amy Nielsen says:

    You all ABSOLUTELY need BEAR!!!! If only BEQR would fit in the suitcase…. I’m sure lots more people at the Convention need some BEAR time too! Best purchase in a long time!

  4. Anna Oatman says:

    That’s too cute! my kids begged for that exact bear @ on a recent trip. Laelia goes thru so much sometimes she (& mommy ) deserves a special treat! you have an extraordinary life I love how you live it with such zest. God bless your trip this week! Have an awesome time & learn lots.

  5. Maureen says:

    That is one huge bear!! I especially like the picture where Laelia is sleeping on him – looks very comfortable!!

  6. HugFun says:

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