Laelia has cute stories

I found this  while washing one of  my husband’s shirts. The “other woman” uses chocolate instead of lipstick. Oh who could it be? ;)

Here are a bunch of Laelia stories in no particular order. Enjoy!

Laelia has new hip stretches  that make her cry. I’m getting flashbacks to when she was a tiny baby and we had to do stretches all the time  that  made her scream. It’s awful, but it’s necessary. But the difference between now and then is quite huge. Instead of just screaming and not understanding why I’m doing it,  she now just cries (or says, “owie owie owieowieowie”) and then when it’s over she instantly stops crying and  says something random like, “I’m a finger puppet!” Yep. In that cheerful voice while making what I can only imagine is a finger puppet face. I’ve never been a finger puppet myself so I wouldn’t know.    Regardless it lets me know I’m not damaging her for life. When I tell her how sorry I am that it’s not comfortable  she just  says, “Stretchies are good for my legs. I’m gonna walk soon!” Love this kid.

I asked if Laelia wanted a sandwich or pasta for lunch. She said she wanted a sandwich, but after her daddy whispered something in her ear she said, “Not peanut butter sandwich, a SUBWAY sandwich!” Being suspicious I asked her what kind of sandwich she would get there. She replied, “ELEPHANT!”

My husband and I  were sitting on the couch talking about the “someone who is sometimes very loud and  crazy.” Then Laelia gets all excited and yells, “I LIKE TO BE VERY LOUD AND CRAZY TOO!!!” As if she’d found a kindred spirit! We didn’t have the heart to tell her we were talking about her. :)

Laelia decided before bed one night that the best way to get to stay awake was to ask a bunch of questions. “Hey Mama, why is it dark?” “Hey Mama, why come I don’t move off my bed?” “Hey Mama, can I have some water?” “Hey Mama, why are my fingers doing *this*?” (As she wiggles them around.) “Hey Mama? Hey Mama? Hey Mama?!!!”

And when I started to ignore her and finally walked towards the door  she just  became more frantic. “HEY MAMA! HEY MAMA?!!! WHY, um, WHY IS MY BED HERE? HEY HEY HEY!!! HEY MAMA, HOW IS MY PILLOW HERE? WHY HOW COME IS WHY HOW?!!” I had no idea what to do at this point, so I had to rely on my intuition and motherly wisdom. I pulled deep into the storehouses of this wisdom…

…and then  this worked.

So we thought Laelia had ring worm and took her to the doctor. It turned out to be nummular eczema (I blame her daddy’s genes  for this one). So it’s not contagious and she can go back to school. But when I told her it wasn’t ring worm she looked so relieved. Then she said, “I don’t have the worms! Yay!” I realized that she thought ring worm was really little worms in her body. Poor thing. I explained it was just a skin problem that looked like little rings. Then I get home and tell my husband that it’s not ring worm. He looked so relieved… you can guess what he was thinking too. ;)

Laelia had her most successful game of hide and seek this week  yet! Since all her games involve telling the seeker exactly where to put her, and then laughing with glee when she’s found (even though the seeker JUST PUT HER THERE), let’s just say it’s an easy game. :)  So this time she had me hide her and her  daddy seek her. Smart kid, she’s learning. She asked me to put her on the kitchen counter. I told her that there was nothing to hide behind there, but she insisted. Then she just buried her face into the cabinet.

Can you spot the hiding child?

How about now?

Well her daddy didn’t spot her right away. He looked in her room and then  the hall and then walked through the dinning room and then almost walked  right past her! I saw her shaking with excitement–this was the longest she had ever hidden! She  refused to quit “hiding” even when he spotted her, called her name and had me take a couple  pictures. That’s what I call a  real professional. :)

Last night I told Laelia if she got ready for bed quickly that I would give her a surprise. Well she did well  so I hunted around and found an old sticker. She likes stickers, right? Well her disappointment was so obvious but she replied, “Thanks Mama! Um…. it’s a sticker. Thanks. Well, do you want my sticker? Thanks for my surprise.” So sweet and mature! I had to spend the next half hour finding her better presents: a rock from the yard and some old $1 juggling balls from Target.  :)

My husband sent our daughter to school in pajamas the other day. And it wasn’t any sort of special pajama day either.  Well, it wasn’t for anyone else anyway. ;)

Laelia found a dime on the ground and I let her keep it. She later said, “Mama, I need to give my money to the guys, to the kids, you know, that don’t have a Mommy and Daddy so we adopt ‘em.” ♥ Yeah my kid said that!!! Isn’t she the best?! We put it in a special jar to give to baby Joel. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Laelia begged to do some gardening this week. Well she’s begged me about this very thing  since we moved in four months ago, but we always had so many other pressing things to do. But this week I gave in.

Mr. Gnome and Jessi the flower



Here’s Laelia helping. She promised she would dig the holes and clear the rocks and water them every day. For the rest of her life!

The helping part lasted, er,  ten minutes before she got bored and started throwing rocks, pulling petals off sunflowers and attacking ants with the spade. I asked her at one point while my arms were  buried to the elbows in dirt, “Hey Laelia can I see your tiny shovel?” She responded, “Um… I’m busy.” Then I  hear, “ANTS GO SQUISH NOW!!!” As she  continued pummeling them with her spade.

Here’s the rest of the yard. Laelia wanted to know why I would ever want to pull out these lovely plants.  Since I had a pretty big blister forming I decided she can keep her weeds. :)

Okay I think I’m done being random with Lali stories. Oh wait, here’s a video of Laelia being mauled by a bear. Okay good-night! :)

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  1. Lauren B says:

    :) Happiness!

  2. Teresa Caldwell says:

    Yea, She’s the Best!! I enjoyed this…thank you for sharing.

  3. Lynn says:

    So glad you are writing these down. It’s not just the kid who’s cute.

  4. Linda Wesley says:

    OK, the bear one is great. I think “HEEEEEEELP!” translates into “PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!” in Laelia-speak. At least, that has been my experience. Great stories! Thanks for sharing them. And I love your new sunflowers.

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