Laelia can now knee walk!!! She took her first steps (on her knees) on 8/15/11!!!

So amazing!!!

I had doctors tell me when she was born that she would never walk. We fired them!

Now we fly to Philadelphia for the best doctor: Dr. van Bosse!!!

Laelia can knee walk!!!

They said NEVER! Ooooooooooh!! They gave up on a baby!! Grrrrrrrr! She’s going to dance on their desks one day. DANCE I SAY!

This demands a celebration so we’re going to have a party! Details pending. Everyone’s invited!

Here are four videos because I went a bit video crazy. (I’m crying in the background for some of these. Please ignore. :’))




Laelia likes to walk!


Laelia goes boom. :)


We took this one for Daddy. :)


Laelia sets a goal and then walks towards it! Love this!!!

5 Responses to “KNEE WALKING!!!”

  1. jillian caldwell says:

    LALI IS DOING AMAZING!!! As I’m watching the video I started crying like a baby!! So happy!!! Keep fighting can’t wait to see you on those feet LALI! :-)

  2. Alanna says:

    I just showed Mary Kate your videos! She was so happy for you. She was clapping & I was crying!
    You are amazing. Keep up the good work.
    One day she will do the happy dance on those Dr’s desks. I hope you record it too! You’re an amazing mama Alexis ((HUGS))
    Alanna & Mary Kate

  3. Lauren Spain says:

    Sounds like she wore herself out with all that walking :) Great job Laelia!!!!

  4. Baggins says:

    This is great! It just goes to show how important it is to *not give up*. You guys are doing a wonderful job of that.

    I’m curious- how much weight is she pushing? Is that to build her strength or just to increase traction so the cart doesn’t get away from her?

  5. shroud says:

    Baggins–it’s for increasing traction. Without it the cart just slides away from her too easily.

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