Five videos of standing and walking and just being a kid.

Here are a few videos we’ve taken in the last few weeks. Laelia is getting a lot stronger as you will see! She gets up on her knees and behind her caster cart all by herself to knee walk! She’s taking more steps with her knee immobilizers! She’s standing in her KAFOs (knee braces)! And she’s just super adorable in general. :)

(PS: These videos will not show up if you are signed up for  the posts to be emailed to you. You must jump on Laelia’s actual website to view them. You can also try going directly to YouTube to view them, especially if you are using your phone.  My user name  on YouTube is recordsky. Enjoy!)






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  1. Linda Record says:

    Too, too, too wonderful! It’s amazing to see how much stronger Lali has gotten in such a short time. You ought to send some of these to all those foolish, uninspired doctors! Hooray for Lali! Hooray for Lexi. Hooray for Charley. Love you all. lr

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