The last four weeks in pictures


Standing therapy while being pushed around. :)

“I’m Daddy.” (Chocolate mouth.)


“These stairs have water on them! That’s silly!”

They’re all sleeping… sure they are. :)

Tent (before)

Tent (after)

Princess dress for church.

Reading Fancy Nancy while wearing a Fancy Nancy dress.

She called herself Super LadyBug!

“We’re robots!”

“We. Are. Robots.”

Waiting for the school bus on the first day of school.

Waiting for over an hour. (It never came.) Squishing ants.

First day of KAFOs. It was pathetisad.

Ugly boy shoe.

Beautiful Dora shoe with room for KAFOs!

I tore out the tongues and the lining/insoles.  Now they  fit great!

More standing practice.

Crazy girl. :)

2 Responses to “The last four weeks in pictures”

  1. Baggins says:

    Pathetisad is my most favoritisticated new adjective.

  2. Linda Wesley says:

    Love all the pictures! Thank you for sharing.

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