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Charles here, the husband you read so much about on this blog. I just talked to Alexis about her experiences with ¬†Willie today. Apparently, the reason he gave for possibly continuing to deny our daughter bus service is that the bus driver would have to be trained to assemble and disassemble Laelia’s KidWalk, and not just that bus driver but any other driver who might ever drive that route. Which is odd to me, because there’s no reason the bus driver should ever have to assemble or disassemble the KidWalk.

Assuming the bus service is going to transport the KidWalk in pieces, which is what was discussed today, here’s what happens every day: the bus shows up to our house. Laelia’s in a carseat and the KidWalk is in pieces. The bus transports Laelia, the carseat, and the KidWalk pieces to school, where an aide meets her, assembles the KidWalk, and loads her into it. Alexis explained this to Willie, who replied, “But what if the aide isn’t there?”

Well, bus folks, I hope you’re not suggesting that you need to learn to assemble a KidWalk so you can turn my 3-year-old daughter loose in a school parking lot, even if she is almost 4. If no school officials meet Laelia at the bus, you have bigger problems to worry about.

So frustrating. But with any luck we’ll get a favorable ruling from the bus people and won’t have to pursue this any further.

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  1. Donna Murray says:

    Good grief.

    I remember my husband staying on the phone with… well, everybody across the state, I think, including our congressmen, as he fought for CAP-C services for our daughter.

    At one point, he said, “We are trying to help our child. It should just be easier than this.”

    I’m sorry you are having to fight battles that shouldn’t have to be fought at all…

    Keep on keeping on, for that sweet girl, and for others who are too special for the special bus.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Every time a bell rings, an angels gets its wings. And someone without the common sense of a snail is asked to problem-solve. Use small words and simple explanations, and hopefully Laeli will get on that bus before your head explodes in frustration. She needs two parents with non-exploded heads.

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