Have you ever seen such a beautiful sight?

We won!

Isn’t it beautiful?

So yellow and pretty!

I started squealing when I saw it rounding the corner.


Neighbors must think I’m nuts.

So I have to say that starting a war with the school system is like banging your head against a wall over and over and over adn veovl anleiafl kaslierjaoj. Yeah like that.  Sometimes you just get a headache. But this time we won! We got our school bus! And, yes, my daughter takes up two seats on the bus: one for her gait trainer and one for herself. Guess what percentage of seats that is. Give up? Two freakin’ thirds.  That’s right, the two seats they  didn’t want her to take up were finally wasted on her. She arrived home in the bus with ONE OTHER CHILD. *bang bang bang*

Apparently she tells me there were a whopping TWO other children on the bus in the morning.

So, UGH. I mean YAY! But also UGH. I was hoping I could fights some righteous battle that would usher in a smoother road for other parents in my situation and make everyone involved see the light of day. But in reality, in the San Diego Unified School District’s reality, you just fight every time they tell you  no. Then you wait for almost two weeks while you sacrifice your work hours  and sanity until they realize that you won’t just disappear. Well, according to the bus guy, parents do just disappear. It happens. They don’t want to fight. Or they feel they can’t without losing services or being treated badly.  And I don’t blame them. I know of one other family who were denied  bus service  so they  drive their kid to school everyday. They know it’s not right (it’s illegal), but they do it because they love the school and are thankful for it. And we are too. We love Head Start, the program and the people in our school, and we are so thankful for it. But I still fight these battles. Because I love pain. Bring it.

And why is information sharing  so ridiculously hard for SDUSD?   I just recently learned that “Fred”  was really “Willie.” So I took out the  references to Fred in the last two blog posts and changed them to Willie.  My daughter was even calling  him Fred! How did we get Fred’s business card??? Anyway, we got the royal run-around and ended up speaking to five people total in the transportation department. Even when I finally reached the main guy who made decisions, HE EVEN TRIED TO HAND ME OFF TO SOMEONE!

And let me just say that we would not have even gotten as far as we did without our SEEC coordinator, Sue. She ended up calling everyone I did, multiple times. And she at one point yelled, “No, we need to solve this now! Do you want the mom to lose her job?  Do you want to drag this out?!” Or something along those lines. She showed up at our front door at 7:00 a.m. with three other  professionals on Wednesday to spend 40 minutes figuring out what bus Laelia would be on and how the bus driver would work things out.

I’m so glad it  finally worked out. But I’ll admit it, I’m mad.

But  Laelia is so happy. She’s riding the bus with her friends. She feels like a legitimate part of the school system. She feels like she belongs. And we all love her bus drivers. But as for the “system”…

Screw you bus people.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hello, customer service, this is peggy. TRANSFER! transfer! transfer. Hello, customer service. this is peggy. sounds a lot like your run in with sd schools. ironically do they cal it sdus because other wise it would be sdsd?

  2. tam says:

    well I left a comment but it seems my internet prowess is waning because it isnt there(this happened another time elsewhere also) anyways I was saying that commercial about this is customer service representative my name is peggy. sounds like your run in with sdus. and up here everything is ISD #___ for independent school district. which leads me to wonder if sd is sdus because they didnt want to be sdisd/ sdsd

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