Accessible with Grandpa’s Help!

So Laelia was taking a nap after a ROUGH (I’m talking crying, hitting and biting) day of PT last Thursday. I was sitting on the couch contemplating how I was a bad mother while eating ice cream when I hear Laelia call out, “I don’t want a nap!!!” Okay, she was completely out cold when I carried her limp form into the house just twenty or so minutes earlier. So I did was any good mother would do, I hid I went and checked on her. Well I eventually checked on her. By the time I got to her door she was quiet again. Thinking she had gone back to sleep (and that there was a  God!) I went back into the living room to hang out with my dad and Christina. Well moments later I heard what sounded like a door opening. Sure enough that little Turkey was sitting in the hallway outside of her room with a big “I did it!” grin on her face.

And the world of napping changed forever.

Dad had installed the door apparatus while we were at OT/PT and hadn’t even shown her  how to use it! She got right off her bed and figured it out on her own. Stinker.

So now I have a child on the move!

Ask and the door will be opened unto you. Her new door knob and chain!

Let there be light! Her new light pull chain.

And lastly the video demonstration. Enjoy. :)




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