The Liberty Bell doesn’t ding!

City Hall!

I took Laelia to downtown today because I am crazy and like to get lost in cities whose roads make no sense and are rarely marked with road signs!

We actually saw guys putting   up a road sign. Great! Now do that TO EVERY ROAD!

I called my husband (who I had warned before hand that we were going exploring and when we’d probably be calling him saying we were lost) and he was in a meeting! He said he’d call back in ten minutes! Ten minutes! I almost ended up in New Jersey in those ten minutes!!! So I called Chelsea and she helped me find City Hall again down one-way roads and back alleys. She saved my life. Did I mention I get lost every time I drive in Philly? And that Philly sucks? Oh I have? Countless times? Okay well then. We did get to see Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell finally.

Laelia stopped to see the birdies.

The birdies were digging little holes in the ground.

Looking up.

“She’s saying hi.” (Um, Lali, that’s a boy.) “But she has a ponytail!”

“Guys I can’t see!”

Me: “Here’s the most important room in American history!” Laelia: “Okay.”

Aren’t we cute?

Here it is!

So Laelia charmed all the guards and park rangers by being so sweet and showing them all her card with a picture of the liberty bell and asking them if they knew what this was and then telling them she was going to see it! :) She talked about it non-stop. Then we finally see it and she says, “Okay…” (she’s all excited) “Go for it!”

Me: “Go for what?

Lali: “You ding it!”

Me: “Um, no we don’t.”

Lali: “You don’t ding it? Then what do you do with it?”

Me: “You look at it.”

Lali: “…..”

History is boring.

3 Responses to “The Liberty Bell doesn’t ding!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    AAAhahahahaha! The last story is amazing!

  2. megan lee says:

    next time i’m going to lend you our (i mean, david’s) GPS!! glad you guys got to explore. apparently there was some curse on philly sports teams because they were not supposed to build a skyscraper higher than the guy on top of the building… william penn, does that sound right? anyway, i guess the curse was broken with the phillies won the world series a couple years ago. i was also thinking of getting laelia a stuffed filly to take to philly :D

  3. Linda Record says:

    Just in case Charley takes Lali back to the Liberty Bell, be sure to have a quarter or nickle or dime to throw at it. I’ll bet it *would* ding … and who would get mad at Lali for making *that* happen? ;)

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