AMC Awareness


One of my AMC mommy friends found this  video  online the other day. It looks like a video for occupational therapists to get an overview of arthrogryposis.  That’s awesome! When I was watching it I spotted  four pictures that were very familiar. They were familiar because I took them. Two are of my daughter, one has my daughter in it but it’s hard to see her, and the last one is of her AFO (and my husband’s left butt cheek). One of those pictures even shows my friend,  Chelsea, doing Laelia’s hip stretches.

Google is credited for all the pictures. I guess my name is Google. :)

I actually love the video. I was thrilled to see my little girl in it, as well as a few of her friends.  I think more videos like this should be made available. I have given permission to a few people to use my daughter’s image for OT or PT presentations. The Child Development staff at Rady  Children’s Hospital knows they can take pictures now and get permission later. I can’t help it that my daughter is gorgeous (“Gorgeous” is even the nick name her Grandma calls her), and everyone wants to use her picture.

But now  I do  want to be clear: You must ask permission to use my daughter’s image. If it’s for OT or PT-related things, you’ll get it. If it’s for AMC awareness, you’ll get it. If it’s for something silly, you’ll get it. If it’s for a listing of beautiful children, you got it. But if it’s for bullying or supporting an agenda that’s political or religious, you won’t get it.


Great. And now I feel compelled to balance out the universe by taking a random picture off the Internet and crediting Google for it. :)

Kitten with arthrogryposis.

Picture by Google. Duh. :)



3 Responses to “AMC Awareness”

  1. Robin Clark says:

    Terrific video–so informative not only for OTs and/or other medical professionals but any person who is uniformed. Thanks for sharing!

  2. tam says:

    I actually saw a few familiar faces. thats not cool! so they just looked on google for arthrogryposis photos and videos? I wonder if all the people pictured know they are featured. or want to be.

  3. Lauren B says:

    I bet with Charleys computer know how, your Arthro knowledge, and a few graphics from Lauren ;), you could make a great video too! And you would get permission to use the pictures! :-D

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