Being awesome

Walking in a walker!

Rolling on a ball!

Beating us at cards.

She knows how to play Go Fish and Uno now!

Spelling her own name and writing it herself!

Playing the “geetar” on her shirt while Davie plays the real one.

Sad party! Laelia evokes all sorts of emotions in the menfolk. :)

Spying on the adults. :)

Reaching her face!

Did I mention that one doctor said that she would never reach her own face?

Hey doctor!  You think that shell got on her nose by magic?!

Mommy even cuts up her sandwiches. Life is good. :)

3 Responses to “Being awesome”

  1. Lauren B says:

    Hee hee hee! Love it.

  2. tam says:

    bad news lex! I have seen it before. but in the pictures I can see it happening to Laelia. so sorry mama, but your BABY is gone! she is all big girl now! good thing she is just as cute as ever.

  3. Cheryl Schalk says:

    pure awesomeness, Laelia, for beating mom and dad at cards and oh yeah all that other awesome stuff too. You are an inspiration, so is your mom and dad.

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