Disneyland after every surgery

DISNEYLAND!!! Oh boy oh boy oh boy!

Hanging out with Ileana!

Ileana gave Lali this little tiara. :)

Being a goof. :)

Next in line. “I have my feather! Ready to fly now!”

Too short. ;)

Trying on  her glasses for the new Star Wars ride, but she  wasn’t tall enough (by three inches). So her nice parents went without her (taking turns). :) Mama ended up being the Rebel Spy! :-D

That hand over the face (meaning she doesn’t want anything else to eat) was hard to do! She’s having to claw her own face to keep it on there. Funny thing.

It was training day at Disneyland. Handwritten note at top says, “It’s OK. Trust me.” (To let Laelia go through the back of a line without a power chair.)

Lali and Daddy. Awwwwwww.


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  1. Melissa Rowe says:

    Looks like you had a blast!!

  2. Lauren B says:

    I love her rainbow pants. I’m glad you guys had fun!

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