High Heels!!!

Laelia’s first pair of high heels! :)

Getting ready to do the princess walk with her pediatric crutches!

She walks much better! Click here for the video!

And she stands/balances much better! Click here for the video!

So after: 1. seeing  my favorite  AMC’er with wedges duct taped to his shoes, 2.  getting an email from someone in our AMC support group telling me she saw Laelia’s video  and that I need to put a 1 cm cork or something under  Lali’s heels, and 3. a random person saying, “You know with her knees bent like that  it would be hard to walk,” I FINALLY gave the girlie  some heels. :)

But if her doctor asks then we call them “orthopedic wedges.”  That’s just ‘tween us girls. *wink*

6 Responses to “High Heels!!!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    wow thats incredible!!!!!!

  2. Lynn says:

    Lali FTW!!

  3. Lauren B says:

    WOW! Thats wonderful!

  4. Sue Peppers says:

    SOOOOO STICKIN CUTE!!!!!!!!!! Good job, Mom and Dad…for thinking outside of the box! Good use of blocks too!

  5. Joann smith says:

    Sue Peppers said it so well…Laelia is so adorable and such a good sport!!!

  6. Linda Wesley says:

    Ditto to Lynn.

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