All rise for the pledge


Laelia walked into Cubbies on Sunday  to the applause of her three- and four-year old friends. It was the sweetest thing! She had waited  eight days to show off her walking skills at club.  Laelia can also now STAND for the pledge of allegiance they do every week! I’m learning more and more what a  useful and wonderful thing  standing is. (And also how our whole culture is centered around certain  abilities.)

Laelia took 50 steps after PT on Monday with her walking sticks. She stopped at the drinking fountain, not because she was thirsty, but just because SHE COULD! She played with the nobs for a while before moving on. In the past she has had to beg me to hold her up to the drinking fountain. I rarely do because of my back. And I think  the years of simply walking past them has sparked a fascination with them.  Her pure joy at  this level of  independence was so satisfying.

Before Laelia would say, “Carry me! I don’t want to come to you. Please come pick me up!” Now she  says, “Mom! Don’t hold my hand! I want to do it myself! I don’t want to sit. I want to stand! Let’s take more steps! Look at me!”

I know there’s more I need to be working on with her (she can’t stand up herself but has to be put into  a standing  position for one thing),  but right now I’m stepping back and just basking in her newest accomplishments. Before  I would say, “What’s the next thing to work on and worry about?” Now Mommy is saying, “She did it!”

My husband emailed me, “Hey did you know our daughter can walk? =] =] =] =]”

It’s just thrilling every time I remember it. I can’t even describe it! Merry Christmas to us!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Time for new business cards!!!!

  2. Linda Wesley says:

    Merry Christmas to all of us! Go Laes!

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