Christmas presents!

Laelia decided everyone was getting cookies for Christmas this year. So for the last few days we have been going around delivering cookies to our friends! (Breakfast is served!) Later Laelia said we should gift everyone with cookies all the time because we love them. Awwwwww! Then she added, “And maybe they can share with ME!” That’s my girl. :)

So this is Laelia’s last Christmas as an only child. (Cross your fingers!)  And we had a thrifty Christmas because we are saving up for her brother’s medical costs and ransom. Plus her actual Christmas present was her walking sticks she got earlier this month. But she thought it was an extravagant Christmas because,  according to her, the  presents cost “maybe eleven or something!” (Asked if that’s a lot she loudly  answered, “It is!”)

Yes it’s a cookie. But it’s a cookie she can eat FOR BREAKFAST!

Click here for the video of her opening her stocking. It was filled with rocks painted by our friend Lauren. She played with them for FOUR hours. (Then she begged to sleep with them at night.)

Yes that’s a hammer. Her grandparents got her some geodes (yes the child loves rocks!)  that you break open to see the crystals inside. So we got out our hammer, wrapped it up in tissue paper and let her open it. She was all, “It’s a hammer! Yay!” She was excited even though she had no idea what it was for. She played with it for quite a while. Ah four year olds. :) Then she made Mommy go outside in her slippers  and break open all her geodes. :)

She also got some bubbles that I found when cleaning out her closet. Seriously this kid would have been thrilled with rocks from the yard and  her own  junk  as long as it was wrapped up and she was the center of attention. I wonder if we’ll get away with this next year.

But don’t worry, grandparents and friends made up for it plenty. :)

Oh and Laelia said thank you without prompting for each and every gift. *Melt my heart!*

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  1. Lauren B says:

    How did I miss this post?! I think I read the first half and thought it was done for some reason, LOL. So cute. I’m glad she like the rocks ;)

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