Laelia is independent.

Someone asked me to show pictures of Laelia brushing her teeth. She’s had to brush her teeth by herself for preschool since she was two. She would sit on the ground and use a big bean-bag chair to rest her arm on while brushing.  Recently we put a chair in the bathroom so she can stand on it in her KAFOs or kneel on it in her AFOs to reach the sink. She can reach to turn the water on and off too when on the chair, and uses the chair’s back to prop her arm.  Us parental super-geniuses just figured this out. We’d been holding her up to the sink for years. Ugh!! Instead of cupping our hand under the water we finally decided to give her a paper cup. She spits, grabs it with her mouth to put water in her mouth, swishes it around, and spits again.  She’s totally self sufficient!  I realize I’ve been too busy  and have just done it for her. No more! Super teeth brushing kid does it herself now!

Laelia’s newest responsibility includes watering her flowers. She has two flowers, one she got for free as a present from Home Depot on her birthday. She loves them. It got cold so we moved them close to the air  vent for our  clothes dryer. Now they are still blooming despite the  cold!  The school bus drops  Laelia off on the street every weekday afternoon, and she walks up our long driveway by herself (with her walking sticks)  to water her flowers before heading inside. (All supervised by me obviously.)  I know she over-waters them, but I can’t seem to tell her no. :) I love this mobile, standing kid!  A Mama  could get used to this. :)

Funny story: Laelia snuck up behind me the other day and shouted, “SURPRISE!”  It genuinely startled me! I jumped in my seat! Haha! I  had left her doing weight bearing (standing) at the table with a snack. To surprise me she had to walk to the other table, grab her walking sticks off of that table, put them on by  herself and walk with them across the living room to the den where she found me to surprise me! Wow! My kid is mobile AND sneaky-stealthy!

I don’t get work done in the den anymore when she’s home. :) Life with my daughter just got a lot more interesting these past few weeks. :)

3 Responses to “Laelia is independent.”

  1. Linda Wesley says:

    I love that! How great that Laelia can actually seriously surprise you now! It is wonderful to see her continually growing independence. Love that kid.

  2. Sarah says:

    I’m so proud of her! If I wasn’t laid up with a chipmunk cheek and missing un-wise teeth in my 30s, I’d so be bragging about her at work! I think I brag more on her than I do my four!!

  3. Danielle Cervantes Stephens says:

    2052 Laelia for President!

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