Hey everyone. I just cuddled my daughter and put her in bed. She’s happy and healthy right now. I miss her already and wish she wasn’t sleeping. I’m tempted to sneak into her room (it’s midnight) and wrap her up in my arms.

In three weeks she’s having surgery. And from everything I’m hearing it will be hard surgery. I just spoke with two moms tonight that regret having put their children through ┬áthe surgery, not because it didn’t help, but because of the pain issues. It left me feeling awful.

Please pray for us. Pray the pain issues are under control for the next year. Pray that these pain issues don’t make my husband into a shell of a person. His little girl has him wrapped around her finger, and I’m strong enough until my husband crumples. Pray for the three days after our February 1st surgery. Those are the hardest. Then pray that the months afterwards will be okay as the plates and screws in her knees do their job. Pray for healing and that the whole thing is worth it. We can’t leave her like this–she needs those knees straight. But I’m scared.

Thank you.

4 Responses to “Scared”

  1. Julia Nalle says:

    I got scared too…. Praying for peace for your Mama’s heart… will definitely be praying for Laelia!!!

  2. jillian munguia says:

    Always praying for my Laelia!! It’s all going to be just fine, I know that in my heart! Love you all dearly! :)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Totally understand.

  4. Rachel says:

    I’m prying for you & her!

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